Radiant and Fresh – Jamie Chua’s secret Skincare – Revealed!

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“Every woman deserves to love their complexion and feel confident in their everyday skin,” said Luminous1 founder and beauty maven Jamie Chua in her official blog.  Her entire skincare range is developed to bring out your glow – especially when you’re busy, tired, and need a beauty boost! In this exclusive interview, she tells us how to feel and look your best even on your most blah days, and the one product no busy woman should live without.

First of all, give your skin a little love each day. Day cream, night cream, serum and sunscreen take mere minutes to apply, but consistently sticking to this simple regimen will give you the best skin of your life. “My Luminous steps are simple and not time consuming so every step is essential to maintain my skin’s tip top condition,” says Jamie. Just diligently and consistently follow the Luminous1 regimen, and its star ingredients — marine collagen extracts, tomato stem cells, Vitamin E and other anti-oxidants –- fight wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage while you go about the rest of your day.

Second, treat yourself to a mask. “I use masks as much as twice a day. At any free time that I have to relax, I perpetually have a mask on my face. You have no idea how it benefits your skin until you make that a daily regime. Just look at how I stay forever youthful and almost wrinkle free,” says Jamie. Luminous1 has two masks which can meet your specific skincare needs. (Read more about how daily quiet time is the best thing you can do for your health — and your skin!)

Luminous1 Collagen Mask

This is packed with antioxidants, collagen and Vitamin E extracts to help smooth lines, hydrate and moisturize, and firm skin. Your skin immediately feels softer, and looks healthier, plumper, and youthful. While its anti-aging benefits are clear, Jamie also recommends it for sunburnt or sensitive skin. Skin fact: high glycemic foods can affect collagen production, so use this mask both before and after a party, first to give you a boost and then to protect your skin from the effects of the cocktails and dessert buffet!

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Luminous1 Milky Whitening Mask

This is infused with lactic acids and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that stimulate cell growth and help clarify and purify the skin. ”For brightening, whitening and nourishment, the Milky Mask is the ideal choice. I like to whiten my skin before an important event when I want to shine with luminosity,” says Jamie. Extra tip: wear sunscreen when you are using any product with AHAs.
When do you need a mask?

“I must say that both masks are equal favourites of mine and I rotate them daily for anti-aging and to prevent the formation of wrinkles,” says Jamie. It’s as crucial to her skincare regimen as her serum and moisturizer. She tends to skip toner at night. “I like to maintain the hydration PH level of my skin (there’s too much tugging of it when I wipe the cotton puff). “

If you don’t want to use a mask every day, Jamie recommends using it twice a week as a maintenance program. She likes to leave the mask on for a good half hour, then applies the remaining mask serum on her neck and décolleté. “The best thing about it is that I can split its use into two: first as a sheet, then by storing the extra liquid for my next use by just applying it onto face directly as a gel/cream mask. I wait 15 minutes and rinse off with a soft muslin cloth.”

You can also use the mask before a big event like a job interview, date, or party. “Before an important event, I would mask the night before and once more in the morning,” recommends Jamie. You can use it right before applying makeup to get glowing results, but wash your face before applying any other products.

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Luminous1 Customer reviews and feedback

“My customers love my masks because of its high quality ingredients and the instant boost it gives them, such as the firming and tightening effects. I also have had countless praises on how well designed the mask is as it stretches to the neck area,” says Jamie.

Jamie reiterates, though, that’s it’s important that the masks are used as part of a total skincare regimen. These are beauty boosts, but if you have any specific skincare issues – whether it’s lines or sensitive skin – then combine the masks with the right daily creams. For example, Jamie relies on her anti-aging potion The Elixir to keep her skin healthy and luminous. “The Elixir is the magic potion to solve all my skin problems and I have had customers who have red sensitive skin from using the wrong products, and after using The Elixir for two days, their skin becomes normal once again. I highly recommend using it around the eye area to prevent wrinkle formation.”
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