Since I’ve started working from home, I notice that my skin has been starting to look quite dull and sallow. All those hours working in front of my laptop and staring at my devices have not been doing my skin any favors. In fact, studies show that prolonged exposure to blue light from our devices causes photo-ageing and adversely affects the texture and tone of our skin. Just like exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays, blue light damages the skin and accelerates premature signs of ageing. On top of that, hours of sitting in an air-conditioned room has been really drying my skin out. And that’s not all, there’s maskne aka mask acne to worry about too!

On my hunt for a good anti-ageing skincare routine, I came across a unique 5-day regime by SoChio. It involves incorporating an LED mask together with a set of sheet masks to treat your skin throughout the week. I’m always game to try new things so I just had to give it a spin! Plus, my skin was just crying out for help and this regime already has my entire week’s skincare routine planned out for me! So after a week of trying it out for myself, here’s my review!

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When I first saw the So Chio LED Mask by M2GIC I was a little intimidated. I have not tried light therapy before so this was a totally new experience for me. But So Chio’s 5-day regime makes it super easy for newbies like me to incorporate light therapy into my skincare routine. In addition to LED light therapy, this 5-day facial regime also utilizes sheet masks that are rich in antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients.

The SoChio LED Mask and SoChio Facial Mask Sheet Set – a 5-day facial regimen for glowing skin

Tried, Tested and Loved! Reviews from Our Readers

Here’s what our Singaporean readers have to say about the SoChio LED Mask and Facial Mask Sheet Set!

SoChio by M2GIC Light Therapy Mask

The SoChio LED Mask itself comes with in-built black goggles to protect your eyes from the LED lights and it is certified with ROHS, CE AND FCC. Plus, they’re really easy to pop on too! On the inner walls of the mask, there are LED bulbs spread out evenly on the forehead and cheek areas. The mask also provides 3 different light options with different wavelengths to effectively treat a variety of skin concerns:

RED to Rejuvenate: The red light stimulates collagen production, accelerates cell turnover and improves skin elasticity. Over time, it will help to give your skin a more firm and lifted appearance.

BLUE for Acne: Next, we have a blue light that soothes inflammation and effectively eliminates acne-causing bacteria. Thus, it can help to treat current breakouts and prevent new ones from surfacing too!

YELLOW to Brighten: Yellow light is for boosting the circulation and blood and oxygen in the skin. It also helps to improve skin texture and tone and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

You can use each light for 5 minutes. Unlike other LED treatments, this one is totally fuss-free! It’s like giving yourself a professional light therapy treatment at home without the hefty price tag. Additionally, wearing your LED mask together with your SoChio sheet masks helps to enhance the delivery of the masks’ active ingredients.

SoChio by M2GIC Facial Mask Sheet Set

Now let’s take a look at the SoChio Facial Mask Sheet Set. This set contains 5 days worth of sheet masks to target a whole host of skin concerns.

Day 1 and 4: SoChio 24K Gold Thread Carving Mask

Starting off the SoChio 5-day regime is their 24K Gold Thread Carving Mask which is only 0.12 microns thick and feels as light as silk. Specially designed to fit the Asian face, this sheet mask provides a luxurious sensorial experience. In addition to 24K gold particles, the mask also contains natural baobab essence, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, arginine, nicotinamide and betaine to lift, detoxify and hydrate the skin.

Day 2, 3 and 5: SoChio Hydrating Whitening Antioxidant Mask

On the other hand, we have the SoChio Hydrating Whitening Antioxidant Mask which delivers the healing benefits of 10 powerful herbs to the skin. The mask itself is made of a unique Japanese silk membrane cloth which absorbs liquid 75% more than regular silk cloths. Besides acting as an astringent with antibacterial properties, it also contains calming chamomile and rosemary to calm inflammation and energize the skin.

Overall, this 5-step sheet mask set is said to offer the benefits of 20 different sheet masks. This includes visible brightening effects, treatment of acne, anti-ageing benefits as well as soft and supple skin.

My review of the SoChio LED Mask and Facial Sheet Masks

After using the SoChio regime diligently for 5 days, I can actually see a visible difference in the texture and tone of my skin. I was also pleasantly surprised that the LED mask was actually quite comfortable and easy to use. I only felt a mildly warm sensation on my skin which was quite calming. Because it does require a bit of time, I have been incorporating this routine right before bedtime. After applying the sheet mask, I pop on my LED mask and tune it to the light setting I want. I must admit though, I’ve shocked a family member or two when they walked in on me with the mask on!

After 5 days, my skin is much more hydrated and the dry patches are much less now. Even the old acne spot on my nose has faded. My complexion is a little brighter as well!

The red and yellow lights have been my favourite because dry and dull skin have been my main skin concerns of late. I tend to use the blue light more on days I have an eczema flareup or a maskne breakout. I also like that you can just tap on the side of your mask to change the light setting easily. Plus, it comes with a USB cable so you can use it on the go. After about 15 minutes of light therapy, I remove my mask and let the serum dry off naturally. I like that the mask serum absorbs quickly into my skin and doesn’t feel sticky. It also has a soothing botanical aroma to it which I’ve been really enjoying, especially before bedtime.

My verdict

In addition to softer and smoother skin after 5 days, my skin is a little brighter too! Even the redness and inflammation on my cheeks where I tend to have eczema flare-ups have subsided. Also, just so you know, I did also exfoliate twice during the week with a gentle alpha hydroxy acid. Sloughing away dead skin cells really helps to elevate the masking experience and improve the absorption of skincare ingredients. On the whole, it has been a very relaxing and cathartic experience and it even helps me to sleep better at night. I’m definitely looking forward to keeping up with this regime! Highly recommended!

The LED Light Therapy Mask by SoChio is a wonderful addition to my evening skincare routine!

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