Sometech Hairbelle

Sometech Hairbelle

Hairbelle is a low level laser irradiator for care of modern person’s hair follicle and hair scalp care which are vulnerable to damage by various hairstyling agents, frequent dyeing, perm, air pollution, stress, etc.

The laser device induces positive physiology to scalp and hair root cells and continues the health of hair and scalp.


  • Low-frequency stimulation with microcurrent
    • Microcurrent low frequency gives fine stimulation to scalp, and causes massage effect through continuous contraction and relaxation of  scalp cells that stimulates pilar cyst and increase blood flow rate. Therefore, without patting the stimulation pole to scalp, physical massage effects can be secured only by contacting the pole to the scalp.
  • 650 nm wavelength laser, whereby optimal laser can be delivered to scalp and hair
  • Convenient to carry so Hairbelle can be used anywhere, anytime
  • Can be conveniently usable with only time and stimulation rate setting
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