Here Is The Spa That Will Pamper You Like A Celeb This Weekend

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Real talk: you may not realise it yet, but you seriously need some pampering right now. After another gruelling workweek, there’s nothing better than receiving some R&R at the spa. If you’re one of those ladies who regard spa treatments as a luxury and not a frequent occurrence, you’re not alone — a girl’s got to pay those pesky bills, after all. Even so, there’s no doubting the perks of a good rub down or deep tissue full body massage. Luckily, we’ve got a simple fix for your seasonal slump: a relaxing spa treatment by Celmonze The Signature.


This powerhouse Relaxing Body Massage session does wonders to ease your stress for the season — it comprises everything from alleviating pain and aches from your body, and a selection of blended essential oil for your massage.  Even better? After the massage, all the tension built up in your body is relieved! Don’t you feel better already?


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Address: Heartland Mall Kovan, 205, Hougang Street 21, #03-10, Singapore 530205

Phone: +65 8828 8287 / + 65 6282 6287

Photo credit: @Celmonze The Signature