Stop Everything: You’ve Been Using Dry Shampoo The Wrong Way!

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Dry shampoo is like the fairy godmother of hair care. You’re late to the ball (or work) and there’s no time to wash and style your hair. Well sprinkle this baby on and — bibidity-bobbity-boo! – you’ve got something that resembles fresh and clean hair in 30 seconds.

But the problem is that most of us don’t always get the results we want, because (GASP) we’ve been applying dry shampoo wrong. Here are some expert tips on how to apply dry shampoo to get the best and most beautiful results.

Apply dry shampoo at night

Most of us apply dry shampoo in the morning, wait just a couple of seconds, and rub it into our hair and roots like a madwoman.

This magical hair product doesn’t actually use fairy dust, but oil-absorbing powders that coat your hair strands to suck out the grease and zap away the odours.  

But that takes time, especially if you have very oily hair and scalp. That’s why some hair stylists recommend applying dry shampoo before you sleep, so that it has the whole night to settle in and work its magic. If you wake up and your hair still feels a little greasy, you can always add a bit more at the roots. At least, you don’t have to spray half the bottle while you’re rushing out the door.

Use the right kind of dry shampoo

You can buy dry shampoo in a spray can or as loose powder. Sprays are better if you want over-all cleaning and a little volume. (They’re also easier to use, if you’re new to dry shampoo.) Try: Batiste Dry Shampoo.

However, powder dry shampoos can give you more control over where you apply the product. That’s great if you have extra greasiness in the roots or scalp. Try: Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo.

Apply in different areas to get different results

If you want volume and texture: apply dry shampoo all over your hair. The trick is to divide your hair into sections and spray it evenly from roots to tips. If you want to control oil: apply it just at the roots.

Spray from far away

If your dry shampoo develops white flakes that looks like dandruff, it’s a sign that you’re holding the spray can too close to your hair. You should hold it at least 6 inches away, so it’s a fine mist before it reaches your hair.

Don’t touch dry shampoo right away

Give dry shampoo at least 30 to 60 seconds to settle in before you brush it or shake it out with your fingers.

Apply in light layers

Dry shampoo is buildable, so you can add more to get the results you want. But it’s best to apply a fine layer first, distribute it with your fingers or brush, before adding some more.  Remember, it’s a lot easier to add product then remove it if you accidentally put too much.