Stop — You’ve been using Skincare Products all wrong!

No shame or blame – we’ve made the same mistake, too! Even the best skincare products will underperform if you put too little, too much, or skip out on the secret that all skin specialist Singapore know: you’ve got to massage it into the skin. Read on to find out the best way to store and apply skincare products.

Exfoliate regularly

Dead skin cells act like a barrier that prevent skincare from absorbing well. Exfoliate at least twice a week, or use a cleansing brush like a Clarisonic (if you have sensitive skin, invest in the soft bristle head and just twice or thrice a week). Studies show that regular exfoliation can help skincare products absorb up to 20 times better!

The best way to exfoliate: focus on the oilier parts of your face (the forehead, nose and chin) and go gentle on sensitive parts like the cheeks. Rub product into the skin using small circles. Spend about 1 to 3 minutes depending on how oily your skin gets, and the formula of your exfoliant. Take longer If it’s very liquid or gel-like. Rinse with slightly warm water.

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Don’t rush through cleansing

You miss out on all of the cleanser’s active ingredients if you just slop it on and wash it off in the shower. Take your time!

Massage the product into the skin, gently rubbing it in big circles on your cheeks and forehead, semi-circles along the sides of your nose, and upwards across the jawline. Rinse off with lukewarm water, then close pores with cold water.

Spritz toner

Toners can balance your skin’s PH levels and hydrate it, which will make the rest of your skincare regimen more effective. Creams and serums absorb better into slightly damp skin!

Spritz toner into two dry cotton pads. Then, starting from the middle of your face, gently wipe outwards. Do this in three steps: forehead, nose, chin. Then, if the cotton pad is still damp, glide down your neck.

Pat on serum

Don’t massage serum; let it absorb into the skin on its own. Just take a pea-sized amount on each finger and dab little dots the face, then pat it in. You can do this systematically – forehead, then cheeks, then chin – so you know you cover your entire face. Many skin specialist Singapore recommend applying serums in the evening, when your skin naturally heals itself.

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Apply eye cream in the morning

If your eyes tend to get puffy, apply eye cream in the morning when your blood circulation is better. It will get better absorbed instead of sitting on top of the skin.  (Beauty bonus: your concealer won’t cake, too!) Gently pat into the eye area with your fingertips, starting from below the eyes and then along the lids.

Use your palms to apply face oil

Unlike creams, it’s better to apply oil with your palms and not your fingers. Pour a small amount into your hand, then glide across your face starting from the center and going outwards. Do this right after cleansing or toning so the oil locks in any moisture.

Facial oils are thick, so it’s best to use this after serum or any very fluid cream. According to skin specialist Singapore, always apply products in order of consistency — from the thinnest to the thickest.

 Massage in your moisturizer and sunscreen

Scoop moisturizer into your finger tips, then gently massage into your skin with slightly more pressure than you would use while patting in serum. Start from the center going outwards: nose to the ears, forehead to the temples, chin to the rest of your jawline. Don’t forget the neck!

Use this same technique when applying sunscreen. Remember to be generous with sunscreen: if you use less, you halve your SPF. If you have oily skin, skip moisturizer and look for a moisturizing sunscreen, or a moisturizer with at least SPF 30. (Shopping for moisturizer? Look at these 5 budget friendly anti-aging creams.)

Store skincare products properly

Creams with antioxidants, plant extracts, or vitamin C will deteriorate faster if exposed to sunlight. Store in a cool, dark place. To avoid bacterial contamination, always use clean hands or scoop out products with a small spatula.

Ask a skin specialist Singapore!

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