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Surprising Health Benefits of a Foot Massage — Proved by Science!

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We all know how a foot massage can help us relax and relieve pain from a long day in heels. But foot massage benefits go waaaay beyond that. Find out how a weekly trip to a Singapore foot spa can do wonders for your heart, health and even your sex life!

foot massage

Foot massages improve circulation

Most of us spend the whole day sitting down in front of a computer. That means the muscles in our legs and feet rarely get enough exercise and circulation. (Wearing tight heels or jeans don’t help, either!)

Poor blood circulation can contribute to fatigue, varicose veins, and swelling. It’s also especially dangerous for people with diabetes.

A foot massage can boost blood flow to your lower limbs. Get one a week if you have a sedentary lifestyle, or if you’re feeling any of these symptoms: numbness or tingling in your legs, cold feet and hands, or swelling.

Foot massages can help minimize anxiety and depression

Massages lower our stress hormones levels – it’s scientifically proven! In a study published in the journal Depression and Anxiety, people who got massage therapy for 12 weeks said their anxiety symptoms drop by 50%. Amazingly, they felt calmer even weeks after the sessions stopped.

Another study reported by The Mayo Clinic found that even one 60-minute massage can lower stress levels by 30%.

 If you don’t have time for a full-body massage, a short foot massage can give similar benefits. You can even sneak in a 30-minute session during your lunch break!

Foot massages relieve headaches and migraines

A Denmark study found that foot reflexology treatments reduced migraines and headache symptoms by 65%. It was so effective some of the study participants stopped taking their medication!

According to researchers, “Reflexology and foot massages, combined with positive lifestyle changes, can be a natural and effective treatment for chronic headaches and migraines.”

 Foot massages prevent ankle injuries

If you play tennis, go jogging, or regularly workout at a gym, you need to get a foot massage at least twice a month. If you exercise frequently or use high-intensity workouts, then try to get one at least once a week.

Foot massages relieve the pain and stress that your ankle and feet have sustained during your workouts. Remember, these joints bear the full weight of all your movements, so they can easily get injured. A foot massage speeds up healing and keeps your ankle and feet strong and flexible.  

Foot massages can help your sex life

Of course, it helps if you’re getting a foot massage from your partner. Theré’s something so sweet and intimate about a person who takes care of you after a long day – it’s more romantic than flowers!

But even a regular foot spa at a salon can help tired couples relax and reconnect with their sensual side. The foot massage activates erogenous zones and hormones linked to libido. It relaxes you and clears.

And according to reflexology, pressure points in the foot are linked to parts of the body – including the adrenal glands and pituitary gland (which affect sex drive) and the uterus/prostrate (which affect orgasms and ejaculation).  The foot massages activate these centers and remove energy blocks.

Maybe a foot massage (and a tantric massage) are all you need to revive some of that missing passion!

Foot massages lower blood pressure

According to research, even just a 10-minute foot massage three times a week can lower your blood pressure!

You should still take your maintenance medicine (it’s dangerous to stop taking any heart medication without seeing a doctor) but the regular spa session can help keep your blood pressure levels under control. Schedule a foot massage when you’re stressed or have been binge-eating fatty or salty food.  


Foot massages help control PMS pain

PMS can cause mood swings, headaches and swelling or bloating. Foot massages can help with all those symptoms – plus, you get that extra emotional boost of being pampered when you feel bleh.

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