What You Should Know Before Trying a Face Oil in 2019

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In the past five years face oils has become a hugely popular skincare trend. Everyone from celebrities such as Ashley Graham to Jennie from Pink has touted the benefits of face oils in their daily skincare routine. Beauty Insider tells you everything you need to know about the best face oils for your skin type!

Do I really Need ANOTHER Step?


It is a tried and tested three step approach cleanse, tone moisturise, right? Well, not exactly. Our skin already produces oils called sebum. This sebum is essential to keep skin hydrated. Sebum is naturally hydrophobic, simply put, natural skin oils help prevent loss of hydration. However, too much oil can cause pores to become clogged. Adding an oil to your skincare routine can help balance the skin’s natural secretion of oil.

“While they’re predominantly known for their hydrating properties, face oils can also aid your anti-ageing routine and provide antibacterial and healing properties,”

Dr, Jennifer Lucas, Dermatologist, Loke Skin Clinic

Who Should use Face Oils?


As with any skincare product, there should always be a testing period to see how skin reacts to face oils. Dry skins benefit the most from face oils, however, combination skin can be toned down by the introduction as well. The unique thing is that acne prone skin has proven to show immense improvements with the introduction of face oils. It really depends on the type of face oil and how often you are applying. Natural oils work best on all skin types.

How Do I apply it?

  • 1-2 drops daily will suffice (a little goes a long, long way)
  • Warm it up with your fingertips and palms
  • Pat the oil all over your skin, not forgetting the neck area as well!

Best Facial Oil Beauty Awards 2019

Volcanic Earth 100% Natural Tamanu Oil – $15.90

Tamanu Oil is obtained from the Tamanu nut tree. Historically, it has been known for multiple skin benefits such as scarring and acne in general. Tamanu oil has successfully treated scars in hospitals around the world, and has proven anti-bacterial benefits. Tamanu is also used in many active ingredients used in most anti-ageing skincare products. The fatty acids present helps skin to stay moisturised while healing acne prone skin.

Volcanic Earth’s Tamanu Oil is rich in antioxidants and 100% natural so you know you are using the best for your skin. This is why it won at our annual Beauty Awards 2019! This face oil is suitable for extremely sensitive skin types, even eczema prone skin. Incorporate this best face oil into your skincare routine and watch scarring slowly lighten over time. This is also great for acne skin as it helps balance skin’s natural oil while hydrating skin all night long.

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