The Best Hair Colour Product Guide for Coloured Hair

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Tired of having your dye job get ruined by harsh shampoos and continual washing? We’ve got you! Introducing our curated guide for the best in-shower (and out) hair colour products to use for your coloured hair.

For the Red Heads

Red coloured hair can be notoriously hard to maintain. Red hair molecules are larger than most others. This means then when applied to the hair they are unable to seep as far into the hair molecule as other colours.

John Frieda’s solution is definitely one that works. Gentle yet recharging to your colour, this shampoo is suitable for daily use. It helps to keep your hair clean while keeping colour molecules intact within the hair strand. Try it out and discover the best solution to your red-coloured mane!

For the Balayage Lovers

This dynamic duo is a consumer favourite across the world. It works by repelling negative environmental factors such as UVA/UVB rays from damaging hair colour. Though this shampoo contains sulphates, it does not serve to damage your hair cuticle. Instead the ingredients stop hair from fading by coating hair with ceramide to prevent breakage.

This popular product works best for dye-jobs that fade easily like low lights and balayage, making it the perfect solution for hair colour that can last you months!

For the Styling Freaks

This multi-tasking product is perfect for coloured hair. The biggest no-no for colour treated hair is applying heat directly to the hair cuticle. Be it blow-drying or simply washing hair under very hot water. Both can serve to break down hair molecules making it brittle and sucspeptible to breakage.

Ouai not only styles your hair it also adds a heat protectant with every spray. This lightweight spray prevents that crunchy, hard hair-sprayed feeling that we are all too familiar with. Walk out with perfectly styled and protected hair with this miracle of a product.