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The Best Lip Balm, According to Hundreds of Online Reviews

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Lipstick trends come and go, but there’s one lip product that should always be in your beauty kit: lip balm. It keeps your lip soft and smooth and protects it from sun damage. And when your lipstick starts flaking, one swipe of this baby will refresh the colour.

You can find lip balm anywhere — even convenience stores and dollar stores — but some brands are worth hoarding. Here are some of the best lip balms EVER, according to online reviews.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

This classic lipcare product has been around for decades, but lots of women come back to it even after trying other brands. “It’s the perfect way to prep my lips. It isn’t shiny, but it moisturizes so well. I can put it on before lipstick, or reapply in the middle of the day, without getting greasy lips,” says one Amazon review.

“This is my Holy Grail lip balm. I’ve bought some that are 5x more expensive but doesn’t work half as well as this one. Everyone should have one!” says a Sephora review.

vaseline lipcare

Vaseline Lip Therapy Lip Balm Mini

It heals the driest, most painful lips. “It’s a godsend! I get cracked lips when I get allergies and this is the only thing that makes it better!” says one Amazon review.

Women are particularly in love with the Creme Bulee variant. “It smells amazing, but is faint enough that you’re not tempted to lick it off!”

maybellline lip moisturizer

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm

Many women swear that this affordable lip balm outperforms even expensive lipsticks. “It gives that super sheer and natural looking hint of colour — like your lips, but better!” says an Amazon review.

“This is the best product Maybelline has ever made! I’ll die if they ever discontinue it,” gushes another fan.

“I think every woman should have one. It looks good on everyone from teens to seniors. If I had to bring a makeup product to a desert island, this would be it,” says another beauty review.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

This is one of the best lip balms with sun protection. “This is the highest SPF in chapstick I’ve found, ever, yet it doesn’t taste or smell anything remotely close to sunscreen like all the other products I’ve used in the past,” says one Amazon review.

We also like how the shea butter gives instant relief to dry lips. “I always order two or three of these at a time, because friends and family always end up stealing it! Once you try it, you’ll really know why everyone says it’s so good.”

innisfree lip balm

Innisfree Lip Balm

Women love how this Korean lip balm combines nourishing ingredients with pretty colour. It comes in 11 shades that range from the faintest pink to bright orange and red. The applicator tip also mimics your lips’natural curves, so it’s easy to apply even without a mirror.

“This is my go-to lip balm whenever I want a fresh, no makeup look!” says one Innisfree review. (Read about our other favourite lip balms that have good colour payoff.)

nivea lip balm

Nivea Cherry Shine

Nivea has a wide lipcare range, but the Cherry Shine variant gets the most love in online beauty forums. Aside from being very moisturizing, it gives that tint of colour that makes your lips look healthy and fresh.

“It’s sheerer than a lip tint but gives more colour than a lot of other lip balms. It shows up on my dark lips and makes them look so much better. This is my Holy Grail lip balm — and so cheap, too!” says one beauty review.

fresh lip balm

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm

This is a cult favourite! It’s clinically proven to moisturize lips for up to 6 hours, with 97% saying that it soothed and softened their lips and kept it supple all day.

The sugar doesn’t just help rub off dead skin cells. It’s a natural humectant that prevents moisture loss! It also contains nourishing oils, antioxidants, and SPF 15.