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The Best Shower Routine for Your Body that Experts Recommend

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Everyone showers daily and yet we spend so little time thinking about the products we use or how long we take in the shower. We talked to the experts and got the best shower routine that your body needs – we promise it will not take long!

Dry Brushing


This age old technique not just feels good but is completely backed by science. Aimed at promoting circulation and getting rid of dead skin, dry brushing can dramatically improve overall skin health. This pre shower step is especially effective in making sure that your shower routine is 100 per cent optimised. Remember to use a natural bristle brush and start with from the bottom your feet, moving upwards. A good rule of thumb, is to brush toward the center of your body. Some of the benefits of dry brushing include:

  • Better lymphatic support
  • Exfoliation
  • Cleaner, smaller pores
  • Less cellulite
  • Feeling energised

Lukewarm Water


Though it is traditionally thought that hot water opens up pores, did you know it can also strip your skin of its natural oils? This can dry out your skin and cause a slew of skin problems in the long run. It is best to use warm water. Some studies even suggest using a quick cold blast at the end of your shower to improve circulation and awaken the senses.

A Natural Body Wash

Using natural is the best way to get the most out of your shower routine. It might be hard to make the switch but think about all the plus points of having a more natural shower routine:

  • Essential oils are packed with nutrients
  • Harsh soaps contain artificial fragrances that irritate the skin
  • Maintain a healthy pH
  • Save the Earth while staying clean
  • Silkier, smoother skin that is less sensitive
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Pat Dry, Never Rub!


After showering, dry off by patting your skin with a towel. Refrain from rubbing as it erases all the careful efforts of a thorough shower routine. The key to well-hydrated skin is to lock in as much moisture as possible. Finish by applying body lotion while skin is slightly damp to keep it smooth, soft and supple throughout the day.