The Collaboration That’ll Change Your Eyeliner Game: Sephora X Stabilo Felt EyeLiner!

By: Julianne Jeyapragasam / May 16, 2020

When you hear the name “Stabilo”, what do you think of? As for us, we think of the highlighters we used in school and uni to highlight our notes and texts. If not the highlighters, it is their coloured pens, that we used to save up to buy.

You probably never imagined how the angle of the Stabilo highlighter would be perfect if it were an eyeliner. I mean, all our winged eyeliner would be A1 and we’d all be having strong eyeliner games. However, this vision was brought to life when Sephora collaborated with Stabilo in launching the Sephora x Stabilo Felt EyeLiner!

Here’s everything you need to know about this new and interesting product. It was designed with the inspiration of the iconic and well-known Stabilo Boss Mini. This felt-tip eyeliner brings a hint of the classroom into your bathroom.

Not only that, but this eyeliner also has a bevelled applicator nib which has 2 line widths which mean 2 makeup results. You can now either alternate between thin and fine lines with precision or either thick lines with its wide bevelled edge to give you a dramatic look. Additionally, you do not need an eraser whilst using this product because the pigment of the eyeliner is intense from the very first application.

Source: Beauty by Emi

***Note: The video is in French, but you will get to see how it is applied

You can choose between a variety of 4 intense and pigmented colours from the Sephora x Stabilo Felt EyeLiner collection. The first is Ink Splash which is black, Back To School which is grey, Chocolate Break which is dark brown and Summer Holiday that is a dark blue shade.

Other than that, this Sephora x Stabilo Felt EyeLiner has a lightweight formula that easily glides over your eyelid making the application process smooth and easy. It also allows you to create fun and colourful different looks.

Source: Sephora

You can now purchase this eyeliner at Sephora at only $15.00!