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The Face Shop Announces It’s Newest Ambassador

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THEFACESHOP, leading Korean beauty brand, took everyone in the beauty industry and the online world by storm when it announced its newest wave of ambassadors!

Introducing K-Pop Boy Band GOT7 as their new ambassador, that comprises of seven members, is well-rounded K-Pop boy band with top
spot on the Billboard World Album Charts. Today, GOT7 has emerged as one of the most
popular boy band groups in Asia and has since released multiple bestselling albums and have
won numerous awards.

With the appointment of a globally popular boy band as its ambassador, THEFACESHOP aims
to further widen its brand awareness globally. GOT7’s young and energetic image fits well into
the brand’s identity that target customers in their teens to their twenties.

The Face Shop

A representative from THEFACESHOP said “GOT7 is selected as THEFACESHOP’s official
ambassador across 28 countries, including China, Vietnam and Thailand, and will front various
marketing and promotional activities for THEFACESHOP”.

THEFACESHOP made the big announcement by dropping a teaser video of the group dressed
in sleek suits and playing down their usual boyish look. GOT7 has also shot their first print
advertisement for the brand’s new products, the Ink-Lasting Foundation and Ice Air Puff Sun.

For more information about the product, click here.

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