Slimming gels, do they really work? You might be skeptical about it but the truth is, they absolutely do! Let’s take a deeper look at slimming gels or what is also commonly known as weight loss creams.

What are Slimming Gels? 

If we’re being honest, it’s hard to juggle all our responsibilities and adding gym or a strict diet into the mix. Excess fats are stubborn and hard to get rid of without them. Hence, slimming gels are created as a way to burn fat. It works by absorbing into the skin and burning fat while blocking the formation of cellulite. 

Slimming gels will often cause a slight burning or stinging sensation on the area where it is massaged onto. It is said that this sensation is an indication that the gel is working. Don’t get this wrong, you should still exercise and maintain a healthy diet but slimming gels definitely aid the process especially when you don’t have the time for exercise. However, some also suggest that to help speed up the burn during exercise, apply some slimming gel onto the targeted area before your workout. 

What’s so Special About This SoSlim Slimming Gel by M2GIC? 

The SoSlim Slimming Gel by M2GIC is Asia’s Favourite 20-in-1 Cold Sensation Slimming Gel with new and improved Fat Freezing Technology. This gel is infused with 24k Gold Flakes, Korea’s Cooling Green Tea along with other potent active ingredients such as Caffeine, Chamomile ,Glaucine, and Hyaluronic Acid. This product has been proven to work significantly well at reducing body fat. Some users were able to see changes as soon as after 7 days of diligent use. Unlike other slimming gels, this product uses Fat Freezing Technology where you will feel a cooling sensation when you massage it onto your skin. It is suitable for people who are having eczema skin as it doesn’t burn their skin at all. 

While this product is mainly a slimming cream, its superior ingredients also provides you with 9 other benefits that will help you target skin concerns such as cellulite, stretch marks, dark spots, scaring, sagging, dry skin, dull skin, uneven skin tone, as well as aging (wrinkles and fine lines). It is definitely one of the mommies’ favourite products. 


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What are the Ingredients in SoSlim? 

Gold Flakes 

SoSlim is infused with gold flakes which has the ability to increase the elasticity of the skin by activating your skin’s basal cells. Therefore, it will help you to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, uneven skin tone, as well as keep your skin looking glowy. Besides that, it also has the power to slow down the depletion of collagen which will increase the longevity of your skin’s elasticity. 

Boseong Green Tea

This green tea is specially produced in Boseong, South Korea where it is famous for amazing quality of green tea products. Boseong, the green tea capital of Korea has been producing tea for many centuries. The green tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis L plant which helps stimulate the process of shrinking fat cells in the skin. 


Caffeine also acts as a diuretic, which dehydrates fat cells and makes your skin appear smoother. When applied as a mask or skin care, it constricts the blood vessels and helps reduce puffiness as well as inflammation. It also has tightening and brightening properties which can reduce lumps and dimples under the skin. By doing so, it will ultimately overcome stubborn fat cells and cellulite. 

Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil

This oil extract has calming and anti-bacterial properties which fights against skin inflammation including those caused by sunburns as well as minor scrapes and cuts. Chamomile oil especially when combined with witch hazel forms the perfect lotion to treat skin irritation from skin disorders such as eczema. On top of that, this oil is also able to remove toxins and clean sebaceous and eccrine glands which is where we excrete sweat. 


This ingredient helps to regulate the formation of fat tissue in your body. It stops the developments of new fat cells and blocks calcium from new cells which makes the fibroblastic and produces collagen. The results from this ingredient can be seen as it reduces cellulite visibility while improving the drainage and water distribution throughout the skin tissue. 


Allantoine is known for its moisturising benefits when it is used in skincare. It has gentle and non-irritating qualities which works perfectly in anti-aging products for those with sensitive skin. Moreover, it can also increase the water content of cells and aids in the process of desquamation of the outer layers of skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid

We’ve all heard about this amazing ingredient and the hydrating benefits it provides to our skin. It’s used widely in skincare due to its powerful hydration properties that will provide moisture while helping the skin maintain it as well. SoSlim was tested out by people who have dry skin and it has proven to help in reducing flaky skin as well. 

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Besides it’s revolutionary fat freezing technology, SoSlim comes with medical grade 5 stainless steel balls as a massaging tool attached to the product itself.This 5 stainless steel balls is designed to sculpt,firm,and tone the body by creating a kneading action delivering a pampering lymphatic drainage massage. It fits to the contour of the body and enables increased 5 times absorption of SoSlim’s active ingredients penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin.   It gives a cooling and relaxing effect when you massage the product onto your skin. It couldn’t be any easier, use it anytime and anywhere!  

How Much Does SoSlim Cost? 

SoSlim by M2GIC can be purchased in our very own Insider Mall where it retails for $65.00 per bottle. 

How do I Use SoSlim? 

Press some gel onto the palm of your hand. The amount depends on the area of skin you are about to lather it on. 

Gently using the medical grade 5 stainless ball roller which is attached with SoSlim, massage the gel onto your skin for a few minutes to ensure every bit of the gel will seep into your skin. You can do this anytime of the day or night when you have the time, which makes it incredibly convenient. 

That’s it! Feel the cooling sensation of SoSlim as it works its magic.