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The Night Serum That Will Give You Better Skin A.S.A.P!

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Serums are definitely having a long moment. Each time you open your social media accounts and browse through article posts and shares by your friends, when you flip open a magazine, or scroll through your favorite bloggers’ site, and when you stalk around on various Instagram celebrities’ pages, there is very little chance you won’t see anything about serums.

But have you ever asked what this buildup is all about? What does serums really do? What is its difference from creams, moisturizers and facial oils? When does one know when to incorporate serums into their skincare routine? How do you actually know if you need one?

For starters, Serums are generally formulated with active ingredients that are higher in concentration compared to a common cream, moisturizer, gel or facial oil. The reason for this is so that even with just a few drops of the serum will be adequate enough to cover the entire face.

Compared to creams, which are usually thick, gel that is usually slimy, and oils that are usually heavy, serums usually come in a lighter texture or formula. This is what allows the product to be enough for use, even just by itself for someone with oilier skin type. For those with normal to dry skin, on the other hand, it can be used under a moisturizer for added hydration and lasting moisture.

Just like other kinds of moisturizers, facial serums are also created for different times of the day- there are day serums and night serums. Night serums are specifically formulated to support the skin’s essential processes when we hit the sack at night.

When you are on the hunt for the best night serum, few of the things you should look for in a night serum are the benefits it can provide. 3-5 benefits would be a good number to consider. This way, you know you are getting your money’s worth and you are getting a lot of advantages with just one skincare product.

Just like Dr. Hauschka’s Night Serum, this award-winning facial serum is a non-oily base serum that is composed of various organic natural ingredients like rose apply blossom extract that supports the skin during its renewal process when we sleep, witch hazel leaf and bark that give a toning and fortifying effect on the skin.

Night serums are there to ensure that you wake up feeling and looking refreshed, revitalized and radiant in the morning!

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