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The Secret to Shiny, Healthy, Hair

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Instead of harmful silicone, this Japanese hair care company uses organic oils and other natural ingredients for glossy hair that’s naturally healthy!

Beauty experience Inc. (MoltoBene’s new rebranded name) has been offering professional salon products as well as premium retail hair care products for the last 40 years in Japan. The Bené Premium Bluria and Bené Premium Rougeria range marks their first venture into Singapore. Products from Beauty Experience are 100% made in Japan with high quality and carefully selected natural ingredients that are silicone-free. Marketing manager, Benjamin Luk tells us more about Beauty Experience’s products…

What is silicone and how does it affect our hair?

Silicone is a chemical substance which is commonly added in hair products for an artificially smooth and glossy effect. However, silicone will form a coating on your hair and make it heavy and sticky. If silicone attaches to scalp, it will block hair follicles and hinders absorption of oxygen and nutrients. Dirt and grease are also not easily washed away. Long term use of silicone products may result in hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp as well as heavy and oily hair.

What other benefits are in your hair care products?

Our emphasis is on “double non-silicone”. For other non-silicone brands, usually just the shampoo is non-silicone but it is present in their treatment (conditioner). We avoid using silicone in our treatment products as well, to preserve the natural beauty of hair and minimise damage. We use nourishing ingredients like organic oil to substitute silicone. In particular, Bené Premium Bluria has various kinds of clays from Morocco which help absorb and remove dirt and grease thoroughly. For Bené Premium Rougeria, organic oils with high moisturising and damage repair power are used. Both products have vegetable enzymes which are good for cleansing and anti-oxidising.

Besides using the proper hair care products, what else can we do for healthy, shiny hair?

We would recommend a head massage at home during your shampoo. It promotes blood circulation to the scalp so that more oxygen can reach it. Doing so can give you healthier scalp and stronger hair with natural glossiness.

The Bené Premium Bluria and Bené Premium Rougeria range is exclusively available in selected Watsons outlets.

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