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The Ultimate Guide to Travelling to Korea for Plastic Surgery

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In the past, going under the knife was a terrifying concept many did not embrace. Now, as K-beauty reigns supreme worldwide, it comes as no surprise that many aspire to look like the K-drama darlings that have helmed over our TV screens. With that, enter the Korean plastic surgery– the beauty trend sweeping nations globally. Rightfully, undergoing a plastic surgery procedure is one beauty fix-up that should be considered on all fronts. If you are looking to get your procedure done by the best of the best, why not consider making a trip down to the capital of beauty to achieve your desired look at one of the Korean plastic surgery clinics there! Beauty Insider lets you in on everything you need to know about going for plastic surgery in Korea!

Searching for the Right Korean Plastic Surgery Clinic 


It goes without saying that going onto a trusty search engine like Google is your best bet! However, with the plethora of information there is on the internet, the search for the right Korean plastic surgery clinic can be challenging as well. Of course, the horror stories of plastic surgery going wrong is proof that finding the right clinic is paramount.


If you do not know where to begin your hunt, RealSelf is a great forum with a ton of well thought out reviews. Hailed as the world’s largest database and forum for plastic surgery, the site has been lauded for helping millions of people look for the top clinics catered to their needs and concerns. 

The forum also drops names of South Korea’s most revered plastic surgeons for better reference. The best part is that most of the surgeons listed can speak English! 

Purse Forum

Another forum with a whole lot of reviews is Purse Forum. Though it more well-known for being a fashion forum, the site also has a discussion section devoted to reviews, questions and thoughts on plastic surgery in Korea.

Whether you are are looking to undergo rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty, various community members would post their results, what you should know to prep for your surgery as well as their honest reviews about each surgeon they have consulted. What’s more, the forum also informs you of blacklisted Korean plastic surgery clinics to avoid, so that will come in handy too! 


If all else fails, you can always head onto Reddit for more answers. Memes aside, Reddit has many sub-forums dedicated to a slew of topics. With that said, it is only natural the the forum site also has a community dedicated to Korean plastic surgery. Members of the sub-forum would share their honest experiences as well as photos of their final results — so you know that these reviews are as real as they get. Moreover, you can find countless answers of various questions asked by other members of the community. So if you are getting first-time jitters and are unsure of the best course of action drop a question and get your answers here!

Choosing The Best Surgeon for You 


There is no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, and that also goes with finding the right plastic surgeon. Even if a plastic surgeon may have gained cult status amongst many, they still might not be the best surgeon for you. In plastic surgery, a plastic surgeon might be known for a specialisation and they unique surgical techniques. So if you are looking to under double eyelid surgery, looking for a surgeon that specialises in breast augmentation might not be the most ideal choice. 


With that said, this is why turning to forum reviews is your best bet to finding the most suitable surgeon for you. As compared to the clinic website reviews, forum reviews tend to be more reliable as they often share both positive and negative reviews whereas clinic websites tend to filter out the negative reviews. However, it is best to cross-reference with various sources to make a balanced decision before diving right into the consultation! 

Pro tip: Make sure that your chosen surgeon is board-certified and that the clinic he works for is registered under the government!

Online Consultation 


Now that you have found the best clinic and surgeon for you, it is time to consult your doctor! Thanks to the internet and technology, you do not need to fly down to Seoul for your consultation just yet. Now, all Korean plastic surgery clinics offer an online consultation on their websites. So you can easily consult your doctor at your own convenience and comfort!


Most of the websites would require you to fill in a consultation form — which includes your basic details like your name, telephone number, your e-mail as well as the procedure of choice. Some clinics would also require you to leave your IDs for several messaging apps such as Kakao Talk, WhatsApp or Line to get in contact with you. 

Once you have completed filling up the basic details, you will need to attach photos of your face in the consultation form. These photos will be used for the surgeon’s reference, so that he will be able to advise on the various procedures that need to be done to achieve your desired look. Additional information such as prior experience with plastic surgery and medical allergies would also be required. 

Do take note that the procedures agreed upon over the online consultation may change once you have made your trip down to the clinic itself. This is because the surgeons would conduct a thorough analysis of your bone structure and facial features in person to determine the best course of action for your procedure.

Searching for Accommodation 


Unlike your usual overseas holiday, making a trip down to Korea for plastic surgery is not one you can rush through in a few days!

Depending on the procedure you undergo, most clinics would require you to stay in Korea for at least one to two weeks for frequent check-ups.



With that, you might just want to cosy up to a nice accommodation of your liking. If you are looking to stay in a hotel, book a trusty hotel accommodation via reputable travel aggregators. We also recommend staying in an accommodation that is as close to the clinic as possible to avoid any hassle!

What’s more, some Korean plastic surgery clinics even offer discounts for various partner hotels within close proximity to the clinic. So you might just want to snag the deal! 

However, if you are prefer to feel like you are at home away from home, an AirBnB is also a great option! Plus, they also make for more affordable options without compromising on quality. 

How Much Does it Cost to Do Plastic Surgery in Korea?


The cost of a plastic surgery procedure varies across different Korean plastic surgery clinics. After all, it all boils down to the complexity of each plastic surgery procedure!


Here, we have compiled a list of the average cost of some popular plastic surgery procedures in Korea (in SGD):

  • Blepharoplasty (Double Eyelid Surgery): $4040
  • Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery): $5390
  • Liposuction : $5824
  • Facial Contouring: $11,650
  • Botox: $1,165
  • Breast Augmentation: $10,778

As one would expect, it is also best to avoid a clinic that offers a price that is too good to be true. If that is the case, the chances are the results might not be as pretty as the price tag! 

Also, do take note that most clinics would require a deposit before you can secure your surgery appointment! 

Looking for a Medical Tourism Agency in Korea


If you need a little help in getting your trip affairs in order, you can always turn to medical tourism agencies to come to your rescue!

With the help of trusty guides, medical tour agencies allow you to skip the hassle of booking accommodation and transportation. Like the usual tourist guide, the medical tourism providers also can help you find your way around the city. So in case you need to go on a much-needed shopping spree, these guides have got you covered! 

One such medical tourism service provider is Seoul Guide Medical. As South Korea’s largest medical tourism service provider, the agency is well-connected to some of the best clinics and hospitals in the country. With that, you can expect to be linked with the best specialised surgeon for your desired procedure!

Another reputable service provider you can check out is Docfinder Korea. Boasting a satisfaction rate of 95% amongst its clients, Docfinder Korea takes pride in going the extra mile to ensure the convenience and ease of every customers’ trip.

On top of that, the medical service provider is known for providing detailed information needed for each client to make the best decision possible.

Remember to thoroughly research on your choice of service providers as there are a lot of shady ones out there in the market!

Why Should You Do Plastic Surgery in Korea?


Although the idea of flying down to another country for plastic surgery might seem like a stretch, the number of people who are willing to make the trip continues to be on the rise. In fact, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that nearly one million procedures were done in South Korea in a year alone! So why is it a good idea to travel to Korea for plastic surgery? 


As the plastic surgery capital of the world, South Korea holds the highest number of cosmetic procedures done in the world.

With that, it is only natural that South Korean surgeons set the bars high for plastic surgery procedures. The transformative results on countless women are also a testament to how skilled South Korean surgeons are! Just make sure to seek out for a reputable clinic and doctor specialised in your desired procedure!

Top Plastic Surgery Clinics in Korea

ID Hospital

korea plastic surgery

Hailed as one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in Korea, ID Hospital is popular among locals and tourists alike. The clinic offers a variety of plastic surgery procedures, and its team of surgeons specialize in different techniques and areas of expertise. So whether you are looking to cut that crease or enhance your nose, you can speak to a specialist!

Address: 142, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am to 7pm, Sat: 10am to 4pm, Sun: Closed

Contact: +82-2-3496-9787 / +82-2-3496-9783 / +82-2-3496-9712

Find out more about ID Hospital here.

JK Plastic Surgery

korea plastic surgery

JK Plastic Surgery has over two decades of experience, won awards, and been featured on various TV shows. It is particularly known for using the latest stem cell technology in all procedures.

Address: 835 Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9.30am to 6.30pm, Sat-Sun: Closed

Contact: +82 2-777-0337

Find out more about JK Plastic Surgery here.

Dream Plastic Surgery

korea plastic surgery

Established by Dream Medical Group, this plastic surgery clinic is headed by medical professionals who hold many decades of experience under their belts. It takes pride in its precise techniques and attention to detail. The clinic is also committed to innovation, and brings in new treatments and techniques.

Address: 580-3, Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am to 7pm, Sat: 10am to 4pm, Sun: Closed

Contact: +82-2-518-2615

Find out more about ID Hospital here.

JW Plastic Surgery

korea plastic surgery

Worried about language barriers? Say no more! At JW Plastic Surgery, the staff speak English, but also fluent in Mandarin, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and even Russian! Besides that, JW Plastic Surgery puts safety at the forefront. No matter what procedure you wish to undergo, its well-trained surgeons conduct thorough consultations.

Address: 553 Samseong-ro, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am to 7pm, Sat: 10am to 5pm, Sun: Closed

Contact: +82 10-7195-5114

Find out more about JW Plastic Surgery here.