These Singaporean Beauty Businesses Are Thriving During Covid-19

By: Clara Siew / September 17, 2020

Starting a new beauty business amidst the pandemic, let alone sustaining one, is no easy task in this unstable economic climate we find ourselves in. Many makeup artists and beauty salons find themselves suddenly out of business, with many clients cancelling or postponing bookings until further notice. Aside from that, many retail stores have been forced to lay off staff and shut down some of their branches in their frantic attempts to cut costs and stay afloat.

Many makeup artists are finding it difficult to find consistent work during Covid-19

Rising From The Ashes

While many beauty businesses have taken a hard hit, a handful of local beauty brands have taken to expanding their operations. Additionally, some are even moving forward with new product launches and e-commerce platforms. Whatever the case, one thing is certain – digital and social media marketing is now the future of sales for Singaporean beauty businesses.

3 Singaporean Beauty Businesses That Are Thriving During Covid-19

1. Jung Beauty

Just under a year old, Jung Beauty is a flagship brand by Jungmin Lee – the founder of Ksisters, a Korean fashion and beauty e-commerce store. Jung Beauty launched their 2-Step Steaming Hair Spa just a few months ago, which is a two-step hair mask that recreates the salon experience of steaming and nourishing the hair.
Jung Beauty’s 2-Step Steaming Hair Spa

As pop-up stores were banned due to the pandemic, Jung Beauty improvised and facilitated a consumer test group instead. Samples were distributed to consumers who registered to try the new product, who then shared their feedback and honest reviews. As a result, Jung Beauty managed to sell over 5,000 boxes within the first four days of launch. As salon visits are not ideal, delivering the salon experience to customers’ homes is certainly a thoughtful and wise initiative.

2. Zyu Skincare

Created by 23 year old medical student Zoen Tay, Zyu is all about clean skincare that’s simple and effective. Zyu conducts its manufacturing locally, and sources high quality ingredients from Japan and Switzerland. Despite the whole Covid-19 situation, the brand has had over 2,000 orders in the first 6 months. Her current marketing strategy? Word of mouth, and endorsements from influential friends in the entertainment industry.
Clean skin is always in!

3. PSA Skin

Sister brand to homegrown Allies of Skin (AOS), PSA is essentially a skincare line for Generation Z. It stands for Purposeful Skincare by Allies, and is an affordable alternative to AOS’ formulations. PSA even recently debuted 4 of its products in Sephora Asia. Right now, their marketing efforts are focusing solely on social media content and paid collaborations with international influencers.

100% cruelty-free goodness!

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Author Clara Siew | Date 16th Sep 2020
Image Credit: Unsplash and respective brands