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These skin whitening products fight wrinkles and sun damage, too!

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Why stop at just whiter skin? The best skin whitening products do more than give you a fair complexion. They go deep into your skin to moisturize, fight UV damage, and give back a healthy glow.  Check out two of the favorites from the Beauty Insider beauty surveys.

Crystal Tomato Skin Clarity Cream

This powerful skin lightening cream has 15 active ingredients – particularly Tyrosinase Inhibitor Complex – that makes your body produce less melanin. Most topical creams only contain three!

Scientists tested this on patients who had really serious melasma, and in just 84 days more than half of them saw 50% improvement in their complexion. Crystal Tomato also has antioxidants Vitamin A, B C and E, moisturizing ingredients and sun-filtering properties that protect your skin from UV damage (the #1 cause of early wrinkles!)  That’s a super combo of skin whitening, sun protection and anti-aging.

And if you’re sensitive to other skin whitening ingredients (especially hydroquinine) you’ll love the gentle formula. It doesn’t sting or feel itchy, and you don’t become oversensitive to the sun. You’ll experience a little peeling when you first start using it, but that just means you’re shedding dry and flaking skin. During the dry seasons, apply a good moisturizer or sleeping cream on top for an extra moisture boost.

Crystal Tomato has consistently won Beauty Insider awards for skin whitening and we’re not surprised that it’s landed in the top 5 again. Check their Beauty Insider FAQ to find out more about their skin whitening cream and supplement.

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La Vie Intense Lightening Serum

Do you prefer natural whitening ingredients? La Vie Intense Lightening serum contains antioxidants, arbutin and high doses of Vitamin C. These all fight dark spots and also gently exfoliate your skin. After a few days, you’ll notice that your skin not only looks brighter and fairer, but also feels smoother.

So what makes La Vie Intense Lightening Serum so effective? Arbutin. It’s a completely natural source of hydroquinine – which makes your skin produce less melanin – and releases it slowly into your skin. That’s why It’s less irritating than the hydroquinine you find in other skin lightening creams. You won’t experience any redness, itching or sensitivity.

Even if you’re already happy with your skin tone, we recommend La Vie Intense Lightening Serum not just for maintenance but extra radiance. Sometimes our skin starts to look dull and lifeless, because of lack of sleep or stress. Our Beauty insider testers say that among all the skin whitening products they tried, this one seemed to give their skin a natural glow.  Check out the rest of the La Vie skincare line.

For best results, use La Vie Intense Lightening Serum twice a day and pat gently into your skin. It’s absorbed super quickly and doesn’t feel sticky! Just don’t forget to use sunblock whenever you’re wearing a skin lightening cream, because hydroquinine can make your skin more prone to sunburns.

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Shu Uemura White Recovery Whitening Essence

Goodbye, dry and dull looking skin! Shu Uemura’s whitening lotion gently removes dead skin cells that contain melanin. But it doesn’t just stop at fixing the problem, but goes on to prevent it. The trademark Mito-White Complex and scientifically-tested whitening actives  work on newborn skin, limiting melanin transfer and protecting your skin from oxidative stress.

While it’s a really powerful whitening lotion, it doesn’t dry out the skin. We notice that skin actually feels softer and smoother. One reviewer said it faded an acne scar that’s been around for years.

With continued use, Shu Uemura also makes your skin look more luminous and radiant. It’s not just whiter, but brighter and healthier-looking. Ideal for all skin types, since its watery consistency doesn’t feel greasy at all.