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This simple massage and test can lower your breast cancer risk and spot it before you see a lump!

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Finding and treating breast cancer early can save your life. If you treat it during stage 1, you have a 90% survival rate. If you discover it in stage 3 or stage 4, your chances drop to just 15%.

Don’t get scared – become proactive! Here are some ways (and a breakthrough tool!) that you can detect breast cancer at the very earliest stages.

Do regular self-breast exams

The National University Cancer Institute of Singapore (NCIS) says that you should start doing monthly self breast exams after you turn 30. 

  • Check appearance. Look in the mirror to check if your breasts are their usual size, shape and colour. Watch out for unusual bulging or swelling, redness, or pushing inward of the nipples.
  • Check for nipple discharge. Tell your doctor about any discharge – whether it’s watery, milky or bloody.
  • Check for lumps. Lie down and then press against the breasts with your fingertips . Move in a pattern, whether it’s a circular motion or going up and down. Repeat this test while standing up.

Don’t panic if you find a lump! You can develop benign lumps because of hormonal changes or injury. However, you should always get any lump checked to rule out cancer.

Know your breast cancer risk

Does breast cancer run in your family? Have you taken hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or used birth control pills? Did you get your period early (before the age of 12)? Do you have hormonal or reproductive issues? Are you over 30 and never had children or breastfed? Do you smoke or drink? Some studies have also linked cancer to job stress, high sugar diets, and obesity.

None of these factors can cause cancer, but they can increase your cancer risk.  This just means that you need to be more vigilant about your diet, lifestyle and getting regular tests and checkups.

Prevention is Better Than Cure :  Breast Massage Therapy

Cancer isn’t the only problem that can affect the breast. You can have damaged tissue or blocked lymph nodes. Lymph is a clear fluid in the blood that contains lymphocytes – very important cells that fight disease. Debra Curties, one of the world’s experts in breast massage, says “chronic impairment of lymph drainage may be implicated in many breast health problems, including cancer.”

Unfortunately, these lymph nodes can get blocked because of bad posture or very tight or poor-fitting bras. Once this is blocked, your body can’t flush out toxins. They remain in your breast, contributing to lumps and tissue damage.

Breast lymphatic treatment helps improve blood and lymph circulation, flushes out toxins, and relieves breast pain. Over time, it can even help repair damaged breast tissue. The time involved in drainage and the need for repeated treatments depend individually as well as the different factors.

Breast lymphatic massage therapy is a safe and natural way to fight not just breast cancer but overall breast health. It helps your body cleanse itself and absorb and distribute nutrients better.

Thermography: spot the earliest signs of cancer

Before, the only test you could take to detect cancer was a mammogram, or an X-ray of the breast. Unfortunately, mammograms are painful (your breasts are flattened between two plates) and expose you to radiation. There are also concerns that it can stimulate cancer growth by crushing the cancer cells and spreading them into the blood.

That’s why mammograms aren’t recommended before you’re 40, if you have no family risk for cancer, or if your doctor doesn’t prescribe one because of an unusual medical finding. In fact, the NCIS says that even if you’re 40 to 49 years old, your doctor still needs to inform you of the limitations and risks of mammograms before ordering this test.  (Cancer Screening, Ministry of Health Clinical Practice Guidelines)

But what test can you take, if you’re not a candidate for a mammogram?

Today, you have a second option: thermography. Thermography helps detects cancer cells with an infrared camera that can analyze your body heat. Unlike mammograms, it is:

  • Painless: you just have to stand in front of the machine!
  • Safe: you are not exposed to radiation
  • Risk-free: it does not stimulate cancer cells

How does thermography work?

Your breasts generally don’t emit a lot of body heat – but a breast tumor will. That’s because cancer cells need oxygen-rich blood to multiply! Any unusual blood flow to that area will cause a ‘hot spot’ or unusual increase in body heat. This is immediately picked up by a thermography scan.

Thermography sessions are painless and non-invasive. You’ll be asked to remove your shirt and stand in front of the thermography machine. Your technician will take about 5 image captures of your breast. These will be sent to your doctor for analysis. The entire session takes less than half an hour! You will need a second session to establish a pattern, and follow up scans every year.

Breast Lymphatic Therapy – Take a holistic and “Ingenious” approach to breast cancer prevention and treatment!

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Cancer is Singapore’s leading cause of death, but most people only start thinking about it after it’s diagnosed. And once the doctor confirms the tumor, you have to take the drastic measure of removing the breast.

However, Ingenious Beauty offers an alternative: take a proactive, positive and holistic approach to protect yourself from breast cancer. It offers breast massage therapy and thermography scans so you can lower your risk for breast disease and be able to spot it early. Combined with monthly self-exams and a healthy diet and lifestyle, your risk for cancer drops significantly. No doubt, over the last 5 to 10 years, this treatment has been emerging as a promising therapy in maintaining healthy breast.

One of their customers says Ingenious Beauty doesn’t just offer good services – it also gives amazing support and service. “Everyone there was so friendly and concerned. They asked me about my history and gave great advice tailored to my lifestyle and personal risks. And their advice is so accurate! I was so surprised how, after just the first scan, they were able to guess some aspects of my diet and lifestyle. They know what they are talking about, and they are so generous with sharing helpful advice. ”

One of the Signature Treatment Ingenious Beauty offered : Pelvic Floor Therapy

Along the consultation, Ingenious Beauty also train their customers the technique so they can perform the simple drainagen on their own as they believed the right treatment is crucial in succesfully managing the condition.

Take charge of your health and protect yourself from breast cancer now !

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