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This Spa Combines Two Famous Treatments to Provide Perfect Bliss

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Should you soak in a detoxifying mineral bath, or get a relaxing massage? Why not get both? Yunomori Onsen & Spa – one of Southeast Asia’s leading spas — combines the famous traditional Japanese Onsen treatment with Thai massage.

The Signature Yunomori Approach

 Both Onsen and Thai massages can relieve stress, but when done together, they create perfect bliss. The hot water soothes and relaxes your muscles. You also have time alone – where you can sit back and let go of everything that’s troubling you. If you’re the type who always have a thousand ideas running through your mind (even in the middle of a massage!) you need this extra step and space to really feel calm.

By the time you step out of the bath, your muscles and your mind are fully  receptive to the healing effects of the traditional massage.

The Onsen Day Pass

Yunomori offers so many different kinds of baths, you’ll want to treat yourself to all! They have the traditional hot mineral bath that can help relieve aches and ailments. They’re also the first Southeast Asian spa to offer a Soda Bath, filled with carbon-dioxide rich water that can relieve high blood pressure, boost blood circulation, and help your skin’s elasticity. You could say it’s like soaking in the fountain of youth!

They also have bubble baths, jet baths where the streams of water gently massage your muscles, bubble baths and an invigorating cold bath to close your pores. Try them all with the Onsen Day Pass!

Thai Massage

The Thai massage can help relieve the tension and pain in your muscles that’s accumulated after a week of sitting hunched in front of the computer! It uses acupressure, body rocking and assisted stretching. The highly trained therapists can adjust the pressure to your preference. This is the best massage for people with joint pain, back pain and neck pain.

Aroma Oil Massage

One of the most uplifting massages you’ll ever have. As the therapist’s hand movements and pressure ease every aching muscle, the fragrant essential oils help clear your head and lift your mood.

Herbal Compress Treatment

This special massage combine Thai massage and traditional Thai herbal remedies. The heated compress doesn’t just relaxes your muscles – it feels incredibly comforting, and is said to stimulate your body’s energy lines. This is one of the best massages for back pain, joint pain and muscle fatigue after exercise.

IPL Services

While many spas offer facials, Yunomori takes it a step further. It provides IPL (intense pulse light) therapy for the face and body. This non-invasive treatment can be used for hair removal, toning and firming, and anti-ageing.  

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