Checkout These 13 Timeless & Trendy Nail Colours That Suits *Every* Skin Tones

By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin / October 12, 2021
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Nothing fuels my confidence more than a good, silky and shiny set of manicured nails. There’s just something so comforting about sitting across from your nail stylist and flipping the right colours to choose for your next ‘’flaunt session.’’ Sure, we all have that one comfort colour or our go-to shades—whether it’s soft pastel or bold and bright hue, but when you find yourself rocking the same colour almost every season, somehow it could be triggering. Comfort is good, but you need to try to step out of your comfort zone at least once. Yes

I understand why some of you are too scared to try on different colours, though—’’Does this shade even suits my skin tones?’’, ‘’Is this colour trendy enough?’’ are often the questions that have been playing around your mind like a broken record. How can you not be questioning when a fresh set of manicure is an instant mood booster, it elevates your whole look and most importantly makes people turn their head. Believe us, from the classic deep red a la Marilyn Monroe or metallic rainbow shades to channel your inner mermaid moods, there are still few universal and classic trendy colours that are yet to be tested by you. Trendy doesn’t necessarily mean ‘’current viral stuff to try’’ it can also suggest classics and something that signifies your personality. 

And yes, scrolling through Pinterest endlessly trying to find the latest nail trends or going back and forth between your favourite Hollywood celebrities IG page can be tiring. Especially for those of you who are stubborn to stick for timeless and classical shades that will never go out of trend. Hey, we don’t blame you! They’re ‘’classic’’ for a reason. That’s why Beauty Insider decided to list down the greatest colours that are timeless, and will literally suit every skin tone, ever! Check them out.

1. Universal Grey Nail Colour

Whether it’s dark grey or light grey, this comfort colour will never go out of style—and they literally suit every skin tone in this world. Grey is very trendy, yet classic at the same time. You could throw any outfits and any coloured jewellery around your body, they will help elevate your overall look to the fullest!

2. Soft Beige Nail Colour

Please kindly pinpoint the nearest person who hates this colour? Because as far as I’m concerned, this is one of the top trending nail colours that goes by every season. Incredibly soft, versatile and neutral, making them the perfect shade that will compliment every skin tone. Though, if you have lighter complexion, try to find the same shade but with higher contrast. 

3. Deep Red Nail Colour 

Another trendy and classic colour in the whole wide world. Seriously, how can you not love this universal colour? This colour screams femme fatale, sultry and feminity altogether. It is timeless and has been made famous since the era of Marilyn Monroe. No matter what you’re wearing, or your skin tone is, best believe this is the most suitable colour out of all. 

4. Bold Brown Nail Colour

The reason why brown nails are so trendy all year long and is timeless is because just like nude, brown is one of those colours that just look sleek, rich and sitting pretty on top of your nails. This warm colour works well with every skin tone, outfit and occasion. This brown hue also goes hand in hand with gold jewelleries. 

5. Denim Blue Nail Colour

There’s blue coloured-nail and there’s denim blue coloured-nails. What sets these two colours apart is the denim blue has a little hint of purple in it. It is more trendy and more creative than the usual blan blue colours. Just like the rest of other colours, this shade suits every skin tone, so you don’t have to worry about whether they’ll match your outfit or not. 

6. Glossy Black Nail Colour

You’re not a certified cool girl if you haven’t tried glossy black colour at least once in your lifetime. This is one of the most anticipated nail colours of all time. Not only is this nail colour always trendy, but they’re classic, seasonless and work all year round. They’re dramatic yet elegant at the same time. 

7. Shiny Pearl Nail Colour 

If you prefer a minimalist and neutral-like colour, then this pearl nail colour suits you to the core. This colour will go perfectly with a french tip manicure. They look clean, sleek and aesthetically pleasing on your nails. If you do want to try this colour, we suggest you ask your nail stylist to coat it with a little bit of sprinkle on top, for a good glossy effect. 

8. Trendy Metallic Nail Colour

Let’s switch gears for a bit. Other than all of that plain nail colours, this metallic or chrome with hints of gold and silver is the best way to showcase our look no matter the occasion. They’ll never go out of style even if the season’s changing. If you notice, many celebrities opt for this nail colour trend a lot. 

9. Quirky Mismatched Nail Colour

Looking for something that is really trendy? If you are still afraid to step out of your comfort zones and want to maintain the one colour-base, why not remix it for a bit and mismatch the colour in between your nails? Try to alternate colour on each of your nails. It looks cooler! 

10. Soft Rainbow Nail Colour

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Another alternative to chrome or metallic colour is rainbow-colored nails. The best part about owning this colour is that you can easily find them in a gel form or in a form of nail wraps. If you’re planning to get them in gel, ask your nail stylist for a metallic rainbow, they’ll offer you a different type of ‘’rainbows’’ for you to choose.

11. Shades Of Green Nail Colour 

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Though shades of green are not really considered timeless or classic, they’re currently on the rise at the moment. If you’re looking for a specific nail colour trend, then go for these shades of green. Green is the colour of transition—and as you see, we’re slowly transitioning our life. So you better adapt with the situation! 

12. Marigold Yellow Nail Colour

Another nail colour that is on the trend. Though yellow marigold or mustard coloured nails tend to draw attention and make crunchy statements at the moment, they’re not really considered timeless, though. If you’re looking for new colour trends that are on your radar, then go ahead and try this colour. It’s perfect to flaunt these nail shades under the bright sunny day!

13. Classic Pink Blush Nail Colour

Last but not least, if you want something that is close to pink shade but doesn’t necessarily aim for pink coloured-nails, then opt for a softer nail with this oft blush pink shades. This colour is perfect for you who doesn’t want to make that much of a statement and want to maintain your neutral nail colour. Very trendy, versatile and timeless. 

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