Toner Skin Effects: Are Toners Making your Acne Worse? Find out now!

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Toners (sometimes called astringents, tonics, or lotions) were originally meant to remove dirt, oil, makeup or even cleanser residue. Before, they were made with alcohol, but skincare experts say that this ingredient can dry out the skin, and when combined with AHAs or glycolic acid, irritate sensitive skin.

That’s when people started saying, “Okay, only use alcohol-based toner if you have oily skin.” But even that may be questionable. If your skin becomes irritated or dries out, your skin will produce more oil to compensate — which, in turn, can clog your pores and lead to another acne breakout.

And acne can have many causes and come in many forms. Some people will get occasional breakouts because of stress or PMS – using alcohol-based toners every day, even when your skin doesn’t need it, may clear out the pores but trigger other skin problems.

So what’s the deal?

Stop using any toners that cause stinging or redness

Don’t think that a toner is supposed to sting or leave a burning sensation – acne treatments don’t have to be aggressive or painful to be effective. If you find that over the counter acne products don’t work, you’re better off seeing a Singapore dermatologist who can help you understand the cause of your breakouts and give you  prescription acne medication. (You may also want to try this new laser acne treatment.)

Don’t mix toners with prescription acne treatments

If you’re already seeing a Singapore dermatologist and taking prescription acne medication, stop using toners. Too much of a good thing can ruin your skin, and if you’re using overlapping acne treatments you won’t be able to tell what product or treatment is working or not.

If you have combination skin, trade toners for cleansing lotions

Asian skin care often includes an essence or skin lotion which are meant to calm irritated skin and infuse it with moisture and skin-pampering ingredients like botanical extracts. It’s lighter than moisturizer, so it’s perfect if you have very oily skin and can’t stand the feeling of heavy creams. Some of them also have cleansing properties, and can replace your usual toner.

Try: Mario Badescu’s alcohol-free Seaweed Cleansing Lotion or Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion, both great for people with combination skin or occasional bouts of acne.

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