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Continue Being Beautiful this 2017: Top 3 Skin Treatments You Must Do!

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Make this the Year of Perfect Skin! The Clifford Clinic offers a wide range of skin treatments that can address acne, sagging, pigmentation and more. Read this article to find out what we can do for your skin concern, plus get tips on how to take care of your skin at home.

If you have acne scars

  • Treatment: Acne scars can remain for years after a breakout. Some spots will fade, but deeper depressions (called atrophic acne scars) can only be treated with chemical peels, lasers, or radiofrequency (RF). These stimulate collagen production, and helps makes your skin smoother. The Infini Fractional RF treatment can treat deep acne scars and are safe even for ethnic skin (which has more pigments that can react to lasers). It also has the additional benefit of lifting your skin. No more scars – or sagging!
  • Tip: The best way to avoid acne scars is to manage your breakouts from the beginning. If you are prone to severe acne, go to a dermatologist or skincare clinic instead of trying to experiment with “Internet beauty hacks” that can irritate your skin. Also, avoid popping or picking at your pimples.

If you have dull, dry skin

  • Treatment: 水光针 Skin Boosters by The Clifford Clinic gives deep hydration with injections of stabillzed hyaluronic acid (HA). HA traps moisture and plumps up the skin so it looks smooth, firm and radiant. Unlike moisturizers, which your skin needs to absorb, this goes straight into the skin layers so it’s hydrated from within.
  • Tip: Avoid harsh cleansers and toners that strip your skin of moisture. Also avoid crash diets, which deprive your skin of important nutrients. Your body needs vitamins, minerals and fatty acids (such as those from fish) to build healthy cells and maintain your skin barrier.

If you are noticing sagging or wrinkles around the eyes

  • Treatment: The Laser Eyelift is a non-surgical way of improving the skin around the eyes. It stimulates collagen production, so the skin becomes firmer. You will see less lines, wrinkling and drooping in this area. Your eyes are “refreshed”. This treatment has very natural-looking results and nobody will think you had anything done. You simply look better!
  • Tip: The skin around the eyes is very thin and the first to show signs of ageing and sun damage. Protect them with UV-reflective sunglasses, and diligently apply eye serums and creams. Also avoid rubbing your eyes vigorously when you remove eye makeup. Treat this area with tender loving care!
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