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Top 5 Skin Problems and Concerns that Laser Treatments can fix

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Wondering what facial fillers can do, and whether they’re the right treatment for you? We sit down with one of Singapore’s aesthetics experts and “Beauty Designer”: Dr. Chew of NUU Clinic.

Meet Dr. Chew

If you have any concerns about fillers, Dr. Chew is the best person to ask. Aside from the being the former Vice President of the Singapore’s Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SAM), he’s one of Asia’s filler experts. He’s a regional trainer for key brands like Restylane, Radiesse and Xeomin Botulinium Toxin. He represents Singapore on the Restylane (Asia) Filler Advisory Board, and is instrumental in the peer review group for “Filler Complications”.

What skin concerns can fillers fix?

“Fillers are meant primarily for facial contouring and augmentation to enhance certain facial features like the chin and nose,” explains Dr. Chew. “It can be used for volumisation of the face especially in areas where there has been loss of fat, leading to a sunken, tired look.”

New fillers can also improve the quality of your skin. For example, the Restylane range of skin boosters contain hyaluronic acid – a mega-moisturizing molecule that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water. It not only rehydrates, but can make your skin thicker and look smoother.

How have fillers improved in the last few years?

Facial fillers have actually been around since the late 1800s! Doctors would inject transplanted fat to correct facial deformities. Over the decades, they have developed safer and more effective substances.

The newest fillers are also more customized to the different parts of the face. “From the ‘one size fits all’ there is now a broad range of fillers that differ in viscosity and particle size,” explains Dr. Chew. “Efforts have also been made to reduce the impurities and inflammatory effect to minimize the risks.”

What should I ask when I look for fillers?

“As fillers are administered by either needles or cannula it is important to see a qualified doctor to have these procedures done,” advises Dr. Chew. Ask for his professional experience and photos of work he has done.
He believes that Fillers are good marriage of art and science. The substances can help your skin and redefine your facial features, but your doctor’s skill and experience – knowing what to use, and where to inject them – will yield the most effective and natural-looking results.

How do fillers compare or complement other treatments?

“Fillers are able to address concerns of facial aging such as volume loss that other modalities such as lasers/RF/HIFU are not able to do,” says Dr. Chew. “In fact fillers do complement the results of lasers and skin tightening devices and can also be used in combination with thread lifts.”

Get a personal consultation with Dr. Chew

Dr Chew Khek Kah is the founder and medical director of NU.U Aesthetics & Wellness Clinic. Aside from fillers, the clinic offers several face and body treatments. To find out the best treatment for your concern, you can:
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