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Time for a Makeover! Trinity Aesthetics’ Top 5 Treatments for the Holidays

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Do you ever wish you had brighter, smoother and younger-looking skin? Trinity Aesthetics makes your holiday wish come true! We pick the top 5 aesthetics treatments to invest in so you can look your best by Christmas and the New Year!

Get flawless, radiant skin with the Thulium BB Laser

This is one of the most popular treatments in Korea. Many ladies get this as their “maintenance laser treatment” to keep their skin free of wrinkles and blemishes.

The laser breaks down pigments in acne marks and sun spots, and reverses UV damage for a brighter complexion. It also encourages the skin to produce collagen and healthy skin cells. Your skin becomes so healthy and supple that your pores will look smaller and you wake up with a healthy glow. No wonder it’s sometimes called the “BB laser” – your skin looks as perfect as if you had just applied BB cream!

The laser also has very little downtime, so you don’t have to worry about skipping work or the next holiday party.

Control acne and oil with a customized acne treatment

Why waste hundreds of dollars on acne treatments that don’t work? Trinity Medical Centre will create a personalized acne program for you.

Our experienced team will look at the real cause of your acne and then combine creams, medicines and signature treatments. These will work together to unclog pores, fight bacteria, and reduce inflammation and scarring.

You’ll soon see that your acne is clearing, and even deep acne scars will start to fade. You’ll experience less breakouts, and your skin will feel less oily. This is the best investment for acne-prone skin!

Look younger with a skin lifting and tightening program

Is your skin starting to sag around the mouth? Do you feel like your cheeks and jawline have lost some of their firmness and definition? Maybe you’re starting to see crow’s feet and fine lines on your forehead. Trinity Aesthetics can help!

We can create an anti-ageing program that can lift and tighten your skin. This program combines clinically proven treatments like lasers, ultherapy, fillers and injections. We’ll customize this according to your needs, beauty goals and budget. In a few sessions, you’ll look years younger – and greet the New Year with a New You!

Achieve a “V Shape” with dermal fillers

Would you like a more firm and feminine-looking jawline? Trinity Aesthetics can help create a V shape with a combination of Botulium Toxin A and dermal Fillers. These non-invasive treatments can help make your nose bridge look more defined and correct disproportional facial shape by lengthening the chin area. These will also fill up any areas that are sagging or sunken, such as the cheeks, laugh lines, and tear troughs.

The results will surprise you! Your face will look more defined, more youthful and more attractive. Best of all, it will look completely natural.

Get a slimmer silhouette with Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a clinically proven fat-freezing treatment. Fat cells are very sensitive to temperature. The machine breaks down targeted fat cells at just the right frequency and leaves the rest of the skin tissues intact.

Each session takes less than an hour. There is very little discomfort and downtime, and you can achieve as much has 25% reduction of fats. It is very effective for small but stubborn fat deposits like love handles, bra bulge, belly flab, and the thighs and arms.

Wouldn’t you love to show off your new, slim and sexy silhouette by New Year? Book your CoolSculpting treatment at Trinity Aesthetics now!

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