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Unleash the Secret – Top Beauty Tips from Asian Beautiesa

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These Asian beauties are revolutionising the world with their flawless (and ageless) faces. We reveal their tips to getting youthful skin and some of the unconventional rituals they swear by. Start taking notes!

Chinese actress FAN BINGBING revealed that facial masks are a crucial part of her every day skin care routine saying, “I use facial masks diligently. I use at least two a day one for moisturising and one for whitening. I think I go through at least 600 sheets of facial masks every year.”

GO HYUN-JUNG’s best-selling beauty secrets book, ‘Go Hyun-Jung’s Texture’ explains how the 43-year-old, South Korean beauty includes facial exercising into her skin care routine. She exercises her cheek and lip muscles by saying “MaMeMiMoMu” 10 times daily – a common technique used among many other Korean actors.

Korean actress SONG HYE-KO is a fan of egg white and honey masks. Egg white for skin whitening and honey for skin brightening and to reduce fine lines. She alternates the two fortnightly and also reportedly uses milk as a face wash!

YOON MI RAE’s beauty tip is to apply coconut oil everywhere! She prefers natural products and coconut oil is full of vitamins and minerals.

BAE SUZY washes her face twice a day using the 10-minute cleansing method: 4 minutes is spent on removing makeup and dirt by using cleansing oil, 2 minutes using a foaming cleanser, and 4 minutes rinsing her face. Instead of drying her face with a towel, Bae Suzy pats the water into her skin with clean hands. This method has been adopted by many K-Pop fans around the world, along with these other Korean beauty must-haves.


For ageless beauty, 45-year-old VIVIAN CHOW, beauty comes from within. She shares, “The secret to looking marvellous regardless of age is very much about feeling good and doing things that make you feel great. If you are happy internally, you will appear beautiful and radiant on the outside. If you are always stressed and unhappy, no amount of make up, collagen-enhancing products or even plastic surgery can help – as you will be missing that glow of happiness.”

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