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Top Beauty Tips Straight from K-Pop Star Go Ara Herself!

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K-pop star, who is also the lead actress behind the well praised, followed Korean series ‘Hwarang’, singer, dancer, performer, Go Ara happily shared her beauty secrets with her readers at the recent interview with KpopStarz.

She was featured as the cover girl for InStyle’s July issue and honoured a beauty-themed photoshoot to the magazine, wearing only minimal makeup.

Just by looking at her photos, one can easily tell how amazing her skin is! Who wouldn’t love to have the same skin as her?

I’m focused on basic skincare management and moisturising. The skin wrinkles because of water shortage and harmful processes in the air. I apply a lot of moisturiser and always pack water.” Go explained.

This doll face also passionately tackled about the negative effects of wearing elaborate wigs when shooting historical dramas. “The wigs have a lot of hair and really weigh down your scalp. I always shampoo and rinse immediately without brushing. Hair packs and treatments help the hair grow long.”, she shared.

When asked about her current favourite products, she immediately squealed Byredo’s Oud Immortel Eau De Parfum. This $1.6k worth of perfume exudes sophistication and relaxation perfectly mixed together. It has a woody fragrance that has a sense of smokiness to it because of the blended patchouli and papyrus.

Well, sounds like this pretty girl knows what she’s talking about. Don’t you think?

We’re stocking up on moisturizers and start saving for this parfum right about….


And hope we get blessed with a radiant skin like Go in no time!

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