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Top 10 Facial Scrubs in Singapore That’re Super Helpful For Your Skin!

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Do you want glowing and radiant skin? Then you better don’t skip the most important step of any skincare routine- EXFOLIATING! You must exfoliate your skin regularly so that the dead skin cells, dirt and makeup don’t pile up on our face. It can also help get rid of excess oil trapped on the surface of our skin, resulting in acne. Now, how do I exfoliate my skin, you ask? Well, that’s when facial scrubs comes in handy. The good news is that there are plenty of good facial scrubs in Singapore that serves almost as the “holy grail” of facial scrubs!

Now, we know you are busy and scrolling through the vast number of options and picking one is exhausting! So, to help you out, Beauty Insider did the work for you. Yes, we went all the facial scrubs in Singapore (no joke, literally all) and picked the best 10 that we know would work wonder on all skin types! Now, the key here is to ensure you don’t skip exfoliating only then you can see visible results. With that said,  here are the 10 best facial scrubs in Singapore, today!

1. Fresh Sugar Face Polish 

One of the best selling facial scrubs in Singapore, the Fresh Sugar’s Face Polish is super helpful in improving the texture of your skin and brightening your face. This scrub is incredibly refreshing and hydrating. Apart from leaving your skin feeling smoother, it can also improve the complexion of your skin without drying it out. Suitable for all skin types this is one that needs to be in your beauty kit. 

Price: $95.00

Where to Buy: Sephora Singapore

2. Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Facial Scrub 

This apricot scrub by Himalaya is one of the most affordable facial scrubs in Singapore. is a keeper. Not only is it affordable, but its formula is top-notch! Super  gentle on the skin, this scrub can help to exfoliate dead skin cells as well as blackheads. It is also extremely effective in unclogging pores and stimulating fresh cell growth that will help to moisturise and nourish the skin.

Price: $8.50

Where to Buy: Watsons Singapore

3. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam 

Formulated using volcanic clusters, this foaming scrub is super effective in removing dead skin and it can also clear up your clogged pores easily. Suitable for all skin types especially if you have oily skin, as this face scrub can help to remove excess sebum effortlessly. It also consists of red clay is known for its power-packed cleaning properties.

Price: $10.40

Where to Buy: Shopee Singapore

4. Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser

The Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser is a two-in-one multitasker that serves as a cleanser and exfoliator that refines and smooths skin. Packed with radiance-boosting ingredients like ginseng and caffeine, jojoba oil and carnauba wax this gentle exfoliator can to help unclog pores and make your skin look smoother and brighter. Use it regularly and watch your skin perk up in no time.

Price: $$38.00

Where to Buy: Sephora Singapore

5. ALPHA-H Micro Cleanse Super Scrub

Packed with skin-loving ingredients, this scrub can enhance your complexion instantly! We swear in just one simple application, this scrub can sweep away dead cells, pore and excess sebum and oils. It can also brighten skin tone and reduce wrinkles. Did we also mention that the scrub has  12% Glycolic Acid blended with eco-friendly jojoba beads and caffeine? These ingredients are all excellent choices for clearing skin congestion, blackheads and other blemishes! 

Price: $55.00

Where to Buy: Sephora Singapore

6. Clarins Purifying Gel Scrub 

This Clarins scrub is one of the most sold facial scrubs in Singapore. Now, that says a lot about its effectiveness. Suitable for all skin types, this scrub can help treat minor blemishes, oil shine and dilated pores. Infused with the volcanic rock beads, it can gently slough off dead skin cells and unclog pores.  Use it regularly as it can mattify your skin for a fresh complexion and brighter appearance.

Price: $54.00

Where to Buy: Clarins Singapore

7. Avene Gentle Exfoliating Gel

The Avene Gentle Exfoliating Gel is infused with cellulose microbeads and jojoba wax that can gently eliminate dead skin cells. It also contains Niacinamide and sodium salicylate that are regarded as the perfect mechanical exfoliating action that refines skin texture to give it a more radiant appearance. This scrub is also super cheap and you can find it in almost all drugstore in Singapore.

Price: $25.40

Where to Buy: Guardian Singapore

8. PIXI Glow Mud Cleanser

This active, yet gentle exfoliating cleanser by PIXI can give you a glowing, healthier-looking skin tone in no time. The gritty mud formulation can help cleanse your face while deeply  detoxifies the pores. Infused with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and avocado oil, this facial scrub can help plump and nourish your skin with moisture. The result is a complexion that looks and feels smooth and purified.

Price: $30.00

Where to Buy: Sephora Singapore

9. GALLINÉE Face Mask & Scrub

With 4.5 star ratings on Sephora, the facial scrub is certainly without a doubt one of the most valuable facial scrubs in Singapore. Serves both as a facial mask and scrub it can provide the skin with an instant radiance boost by delicately exfoliating the skin and stimulating microcirculation. The scrub contains lactic acid which is known to help smooth the skin and it is also packed with other prebiotics that can nourish your skin. The result is clearer and brighter skin.

Price: $15.00

Where to Buy: Sephora Singapore

10. Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub

Last but not least in our best facial scrubs in Singapore list is the mild and refreshing Mario Badescu Strawberry Face. Infused with real strawberry seeds this facial scrub can buff away all dulling dead skin cells and dry skin. It can also brighten up your skin and brush off all and dulling. With regular use, your skin will be softer, smoother, and refreshed.

Price: $23.00

Where to Buy: Sephora Singapore