11 Skin Supplements in Singapore For Glowing, Radiant & Youthful Skin

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Beautiful skin cannot just be achieved with topical skincare. There is vitamins for the skin. The same goes with your hair. It is not just in the topical products, it is also in hair supplements. To get the optimum results, it must be partnered with top skin supplements. Here are Beauty Insider’s winners for the best vitamins for skin or the top skin supplements in Singapore.

Holistic Way Premium Omega 3-6-9

The Holistic Way Premium Omega 3-6-9 comes in 1200mg capsules that are infused with essential fatty acids like Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. This supplement helps you in maintaining your good health while giving you healthier skin, hair and nails as well. Not only that, but this supplement also aids in boosting health to your cardiovascular system, immune health, nervous system, and your brain health. What we love most about this supplement is that it is formulated without the use of wheat, gluten, yeast, soy, milk, nuts, eggs, artificial colours, flavours, as well as preservatives.

Price: $55.00

Where to buy: JR Life Science

Samaya Ayurvedic Skincare Supplement

This Esse Probiotic Serum has a unique blend of an all-natural Ayurvedic and proven active ingredients. These powerful ingredients help in making your skin much healthy, radiant and youthful-looking. Also, this infused in this serum is authentic Ayurvedic herbs, Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ10, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. These ingredients help in the formation of collagen in your skin, repairing your tissue, strengthening your immune system as fighting fatigue.

In addition to the SamayaPlus blend of Tumeric, Gotu Kota and Aloe Vera, their Kapha blend compromises of herbs like Ginger and Ashwagandha that help in the stimulation of Kapha metabolism and balancing oily Kapha skin.

Price: $110.00

Where to buy: Juneberries Haven

Address: 301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza #01-06, Singapore 574408

RMS Beauty Within Probiotic + Prebiotic

Probiotics are usually found in health drinks like Yakult. Also, probiotics are becoming a game-changing ingredient in skincare products these days as it consists of properties that help balance the pH of both your skin as well as your gut.

The probiotic that is infused in this supplement builds up an abundance of good bacteria to help fight infections, calms acne and eczema-prone skin as well as strengthens your immune system. Not only that, but this supplement also brightens your skin and reduces the chances of breakouts with diligent consumption.

Price: $140.00

Where to buy: RMS Beauty

Perricone MD Super Greens Supplement Powder

Most green supplements have a hint of grassy taste to them, however, this powder supplement has a pleasant green tea flavour with a hint of apple. One serving of the Perricone MD Super Greens Supplement Powder contains Vitamin C as much as four and a half tangerines, Vitamin A as two cups of lettuce and Vitamin B6 as much as 4 banans.

Price: $140.00

Where to buy: lookfantastic.com.sg

WelleCo Super Elixir

This formula was created by supermodel Elle Macpherson as well as nutritionist Dr Simone Laubscher. This supplement is a green multi-vitamin with a blend of 45 alkalising ingredients such as aloe vera, papaya, kelp and dandelion. Also, with four key probiotics to help support digestion and restore your pH in your gut, this supplement can also be used as an all-in-one daily superfood that aids in activating your immune system, boosting your energy and improving the appearance of your hair, nails and your skin.

Price: $185.00

Where to buy: Amazon Singapore

8Greens Essential Greens Booster

This supplement is loved by celebrities like Gwynneth Paltrow as it works wonders as a pick-me-up every morning to get your pumped up for the day. Each tablet of this supplement contains as much Vitamin C as 6 oranges, Vitamin B5 as much as 15 cups of broccoli and B12 as much of seven cups of milk. Talk about how nutritious it is! Hence, it is technically all the superfoods you need packed into tablets.

Price: $42.12

Where to buy: Qoo10 Singapore

IDS Lyco-White

The IDS Lyco-White is formulated from natural ingredients like curcumin, tomato extract and pepper. Also, these supplements child your skin from the damaging effects of the export from UVA and UVB rays. To add on, it also helps in diminishing signs of hyperpigmentation as well as premature ageing of the skin. As time goes by, you will start noticing your skin tone becoming more unified and becoming more defensive against sun damages. What’s more, is that it also supplies the body with a high concentration of antioxidants to maintain your overall health.

Price: $179.00

Where to buy: Robinsons Singapore

Audela by Nad Zainal

First on our list is this Beauty Insider’s Choice Award for Best Detox/Slimming supplement, Audela by Nad Zainal. It contains 17 special ingredients to help your body burn fat optimally and get rid of toxins inside the body. It also helps with intestinal cleaning, detoxification, slimming, vitality, whitening and anti-aging. And all of these help to achieve radiant and glowing skin.

Just mix one sachet with 200ml of water before breakfast or two to three hours before sleeping. It is best to avoid using hot water to retain Audela’s nutrients. You may continue on with your day (or night) after drinking this award-winner. There is no need to change or mind your usual diet. Audela can be consumed by both men and women, even nursing moms. Drink Audela six months after delivery if you are not exclusively breastfeeding your baby, you can drink it 3 months post partum.

Where to buy: www.audela.sg, Instagram @audelasg, Al Barakah and Toko Warisan Outlets. You may also buy online HERE.

For more information about the product, click here.

Elusyf Mitos Activa

If you have been looking for a supplement that can do practically everything, Elusyf Mitos Activa is the answer. This award winner for Best Natural/Organic supplement works at the cellular level to address diseases and ageing. In slight scientific terms, this supplement extends the lifespan of our mitochondria to fight against mitochondria dysfunction.

In simpler terms, here is what Elusyf Mitos Activa does: it regulates cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and lowers elevated blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It reduces loss in skin elasticity by promoting collagen synthesis. This is important for both your skin and your joints. The supplement also speeds up wound healing such as after giving birth or surgery. It reduces skin pigmentation and dark spots. And it rejuvenates your immune system. Elusyf Mitos Activa imporves stamina, is an anti-oxidant, improves liver function and helps with detoxification. It truly is an award winner, yes?

Where to buy: CLIVE WELLNESS Ubi Techpark, 10 Ubi Crescent, #05-31, Singapore 408564; Elusyf Singapore, Ubi Techpark, 10 Ubi Crescent, #05-11, Singapore, 408564; you may also buy online HERE. Get 10% off with this promo code: 1540733.

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Holistic Way Collagen

Meet the award winner for best collagen. Holistic Way Collagen uses Marine Collagen plus antioxidants. This combination maintains the beauty of skin and it helps with regeneration of new and healthy skin. Marine Collagen, or collagen from fish, is on the top of the list of collagen. This is because skin easily absorbs this as compared to other collagen forms and sources. Marine Collagen is said to be absorbed 1.5 times more efficiently than other collagen types.

Inside each jar are 60 capsules and the recommended dosage is one capsule twice a day. An online reviewer has said that it’s helped with wrinkles while another wrote that it has also helped with sleep problems. Your complexion will improve to the point that makeup will be optional. That’s easier than applying skincare daily.

Available at Guardian, Unity Pharmacy, Watsons, Airport PHARMACY Changi Airport Terminal 4, Welcia-BHG, Robinsons, OG, Metro, BHG, Mustafa Centre and Chong Hoe Medical Hall and online at this LINK.

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Venna Indox Enzyme

Did you know that your body needs enzymes, most especially as you grow older? When we are young, our body is full of enzymes. But perhaps because you are reading this article from your mobile device or your computer at work, you are already at a point where the enzymes in your body is much less than before. Enzymes are proteins that speed up the chemical reactions in our bodies and a dwindling amount means slower chemical reactions, such as breaking down the food we digest.

Say hello to the Best Supplement in Detox/Cleansing, Venna Indox Enzyme. This award winner contains only ten major ingredients. It helps to get rid of toxins in your body. If you have been experiencing bowel issues or bloating, perhaps it is time to try adding enzymes into your system. Venna Indox Enzyme can help with the stubborn stool and toxins still stuck in your body.

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