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We tried the “Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment” at Dorra Slimming. See The Results After Just 1 Treatment #nofilter

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / December 1, 2017

As an avid beauty writer, I am almost always glued to my chair, working in front of my computer for long hours. Losing weight is a serious dilemma for me. Worst of all, I love to snack while working, which can’t be good. And I know many of you ladies working in an office and taking work back home in busy Singapore can relate to this.

Whilst I enjoy my work, it is now also making me pay for my bad habits. I have since grown few extra inches and have developed cellulite on my thighs.

Thus, I decided to try out Dorra Slimming’s Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment to get rid of my unwanted fats and unsightly cellulite. So here is my review for all you ladies looking to also lose some of those stubborn fats.

I visited their Plaza Singapura outlet. The process began with an introduction of their slimming treatment and a brief assessment of my overall health to ensure that I am suitable for it.

The next step was an analysis of my body-fat composition from the detail report after measuring my body’s muscles, fat, water content and even toxin levels. My consultant, Gina was friendly and approachable and made me feel comfortable at all times.

Thereafter, a precise one-on-one consultation was conducted which involved questions about my habits and lifestyle. (I can tell she was trying to get down to the main culprit of my weight issues!). The consultant tried to understand my weight loss goals and health objectives so as to better advise me on how to eat right for my body type and what unhealthy lifestyle habits I had to change to improve my overall well-being.

In this way, Gina came up with a customized plan best suited for my body, which I have to say it was extremely informative. It focused not only my current weight issues but also on my physical health overall. A big plus indeed! This was very refreshing as many therapists / beauticians simply start on the treatments for their clients without an in-depth analysis or finding out their needs.

Before I got to start with a treatment, they have thoughtfully provided me with a soft robe to change into so that I would be comfortable. The consultant made sure I got measured up before they started the treatment to keep track of the difference after I get this treatment done. Gina was great and I felt very relaxed the entire session.

I was curious about the machine they are using. I was told that it uses the latest technology from France that is built specifically to work on problems areas on the lower part of the body. It can specifically target an area such as bulging tummies, wide hips, and chunky thighs. These are the three most common weight concerns faced by most Singaporean women and I can see why this treatment would effectively tackle many working ladies’ weight issues.

The treatment process was simple. My consultant first applied a “booster” to my thighs. It is an ampoule used to promote fat burning and body firming. It is accompanied by the infrared machine that is used to burn fats and help the ampoule get better absorbed by the body in order to maximize the results.

If you’re wondering how it felt, it was almost painless except there was heat. The heat seemed to feel stronger on parts where I have the cellulite, but it was nothing I could not handle and tolerate. In fact, I found the whole treatment relaxing and calming that I even dozed off in the middle of all of it ! The treatment lasted for 30 minutes, but I felt recharged afterwards!

After the treatment, my consultant made sure to check my measurements again. There was an amazing 2 cm difference from the initial measurement!! Not only that, the appearance of my cellulite has improved and it lightened significantly. Frankly, I was so surprised and amazed with the result that only took 30 mins to achieve!

When I got back home, I still felt some warmth on my legs but I was not alarmed as Gina has already told me that this may happen and it is normal, as the treatment is still working its way on my insides.

So here is my summary: I am pleasantly surprised that the Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment DID deliver a significant result after just 1 session, as you can see in the pictures. I will definitely like to consider another treatment with them and as it takes less than an hour for the entire process, I can even drop by during my lunch hours.

So ladies, just like me, you can enjoy the same treatment and experience the results for yourself. It is worth S$300 and Dorra Slimming is giving the first 50 Sign Ups from Beauty Insider this treatment absolutely FREE! Click here to SIGN UP!

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