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Tried. Tested and Loved- Miss Singapore 2016 Review on gLash Eyelash Serum

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For a novice like myself, there is rarely a time where I do not need a fuller or voluminous and perfectly curled set of eyelashes. I was pretty happy with all the falsies I used, and of course the magical eyelash extension which I scheduled to go for, every 2 months. I have no complains – it was something easy and it made me look gorgeous whenever I wanted.

Every lady wishes to have long lashes. But, at some point in time, you tend to lose your lashes. Just like hair, eyelashes shed from time to time. Besides removing your falsies in the wrong way, or lack of care after every extension treatment, there are plenty of reasons causing your eyelashes to fall prematurely. For example, you only use waterproof mascara, you’re a devout eyelash curler, or when you like to sleep with your mascara on.

With all these daily habits and chemical pollution from the variety of mascara I used, I realized my old lashes fall out faster than new ones grow in. There was nothing else I could do but to patiently wait for my real natural lashes to grow back on its own. I relied on false eyelashes for when I attend events, so as to cover the spots where my natural lashes were before they fell off, with the extensions naturally.

The Verdict on my gLash Eyelash Growth Serum?

Eyelashes usually grow back on their own- just like the rest of the hair on our body. A diet rich in protein may help grow your lashes, as well as foods containing biotin (eggs), niacin (mushrooms), vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium. But mine was taking too long. I was already losing patience.

Another option?

gLash Eyelash Growth Serum from Graceous. I was introduced to gLash by Beauty Insider Singapore. Since then, gLash has become indispensable in my daily beauty routine.

You see, I have never tried any other eyelash serum before, so I did not know what to expect with this product at first. I was hesitant and skeptical that the serum would work.  It was the only one that could help salvage my lost lashes- by making them come back to life as soon as possible!

It comes in a small clear tube with an applicator like the ones liquid lipsticks usually have. Safe and effective, thanks to its high concentration of capixyl which has known as the best ingredient for eyelash growth. The formula of the product also contain pathenol and fulvic acis which has long been thought to prevent hair loss, and improve damaged eyelashes. To apply, I simply had to get a small amount of serum using the applicator and swipe it gently on my lash line twice a day, day and night. Through that, these key ingredients provided me with the essential moisture and nutrients for a healthy eyelash.

Fast forward to now, it took about 3 months for me to start notice the difference! I have noticed how my lashes have grown stronger from simply strengthening lashes in order to reduce fallout to actually boosting growth and volume. It has not made my lashes grow longer yet, but I am amazed how my baby lashes have started growing after using gLash in such short period of time! In fact, this is the first time I did not go back to visit my eyelash salon after 3 months!  (Normally I have to do my eyelash refill every 2 month) I love that my lashes have become thicker now too!

And oh, did I also tell you it’s only $70? Click here to find out more.

With plenty of eyelash enhancing serum on the market today, this eyelash serum by gLash from Graceous is definitely my tried-and-true method! As I call it, my eyelash hero. I’m pretty sure I’m getting more of this when I run out!

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