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Trying Eyelash Extensions For The First Time? Here’s What to Expect

By: Dedet Panabi / September 2, 2019

I love low-maintenance beauty routines, so I’ve always been curious about eyelash extensions. Long, full and flawless eyelashes every single day, without having to grapple with an eyelash curler or worry about mascara smudges? YES PLEASE.

So what’s stopped me? Uhm, fear. I wear contact lens, so I was afraid the 24-day fringe would irritate my eyes. I was also worried that the eyelash extensions would damage the few natural lashes that I have.

Thankfully, eyelash extensions — especially when they’re done by a reputable Singapore beauty salon — are a lot more comfortable, safe, and natural-looking than I thought. If you’ve ever been too scared to try eyelash extensions, here’s a couple of reassuring (but very realistic) facts.

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Eyelash extensions look more natural than fake lashes

Eyelash extensions are more than just a fancy set of falsies. Unlike the plastic strips we glue on ourselves (with often mixed results), extensions are hand-attached by a trained professional. They’re completely customizable (you can mix up lengths, add individual lashes just where you need them, or go for a full-on, dramatic fringe).

Many of the best eyelash extensions also come in a special material that completely blend in with your natural lashes. Everyone will think that you were born with them!

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Eyelash extensions won’t damage your lashes

There’s very little risk that your extensions will make your natural lashes fall out, especially if they’re applied by a reputable salon. The only time lashes will be permanently damaged is if you repeatedly get heavy lash extensions and don’t take care of them properly. For example, if you keep rubbing your eyes or use way too much force when you remove your eye makeup — but that would damage your real eyelashes anyway!

If you’re worried about damage, then take the safe route and pick eyelash extensions that are just a bit longer than your own natural lashes. If you love a dramatic fringe, just do this once in a while and let your lashes “rest” between extensions.

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Eyelash extensions won’t cause irritation or infection

Most beauty salons will follow strict hygiene protocols to avoid any risk of infection. This includes washing hands, wearing masks, sterilizing tools, and using disposable brushes. If you’re worried about it, feel free to ask your salon about what steps they take to prevent eye infections.

You may also want to ask your beauty salon about what adhesive they use, and what ingredients are in it. Look for one that uses eyelash extension glue made with butylcyanoacrylate and octylcyanoacrylate — not formaldehyde. Usually, stories of people getting red, itchy or swollen eyes after extensions were exposed to glue that had formaldehyde.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

Don’t wear any eye makeup — you should have zero traces of eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow. You may want to skip foundation or concealer around the eye area, too. The creams can get into the lashline and make it trickier for the glue to set.

What to do for the first 48 hours

Eyelash extension glues need time to cure or set. For the next two days, avoid getting them wet. Don’t go swimming, or doing any super sweaty activities — so reschedule that workout!

You can take a shower, as long as you don’t get your face wet. The steam from a hot shower can weaken the glue, too, so either keep your hot shower short, or switch to lukewarm or cold water for now.

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Where to Get Eyelash Extensions in Singapore

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