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Aloe Vera Gel + Argan Oil with Rose Essential Oil

Real reviews from TTL members

  • Ng, Selina
  • 14 reviews
  • Singapore
Skin Concern : Ageing Mature, Dark Eye Circle, Dry & Itchy, Dull Skin, Eye Bag, Fine Line & Wrinkle, Scars / Marks, Uneven Skin Tone
Skin Type : Dry, Sensitive

Good natural products!

5 / 5  
4 weeks ago
These 2 products are awesome! Love how they are made with using natural products and are gentle enough to be used on kids. The products are easily absorb and don’t leave a sticky greasy texture. They are lightly scented, not overwhelming So many benefits in these products ??????
  • heng, gladys
  • 20 reviews
  • singapore
Skin Concern : Dark Eye Circle, Dull Skin, Eye Bag, Fine Line & Wrinkle
Skin Type : Combination

Lovely Duo! Aloe Vera and Argan Oil with Rose

5 / 5  
4 weeks ago
This duo is superb! my skin was very dry and nails breaking and skin was cracking up and sometimes even bleeding. after applyin the argan oil on my hand and fingers, it improved tremendously! Aloe vera is always well known for their healing properties like bruises or itchiness. When my daughter had a dust allergy, this helps to make the redness subside and making her affected arms to be cooling too! great item.
  • Chuen, Lik
  • 8 reviews
  • Singapore
Skin Concern : Dull Skin
Skin Type : Combination

One of my favourite Skincare Duo !

5 / 5  
1 month ago
Why didn't I find this sooner? I love to be under the sun thus these products are my life-saving! The aloe vera gel alleviate the itchiness and rashes I developed after long hour under the sun almost instantly. Followed by the Argan Oil Essential oil, it moisturise my skin really well as i no longer have dry skin that flakes off when I scratch due to itchiness. Nice blend of rose scent with nothing overpowering This is my absolute favourite essential skincare duo in my daily routine now. Makes my hair sleek and soft.
  • Zara, Alanna
  • 4 reviews
  • Singapore
Skin Concern : Acne & Blemishes, Clogged Skin with Scars/Marks, Dry & Itchy, Dull Skin, Scars / Marks, Uneven Skin Tone
Skin Type : Combination

Great combination!

5 / 5  
3 weeks ago
Love this combination. I love the rose oil smells, so good! The aloe vera gel i used when i have rashes, which is quite often! Great product to have when you got sensitive skin. The rose oil, i just applied them on my hands, neck. It is goods to keep my skin moisturize but also helps me calm and make my night sleep better.
  • L, Jessica
  • 3 reviews
  • Singapore
Skin Concern : Dark Eye Circle
Skin Type : Dry

Must Have Skincare Essentials!

5 / 5  
3 weeks ago
I really love the texture of the Aloe Vera Gel, not too sticky, it helps relieves my itchiness when my skin is dry. It helps to soothe my skin from redness. Love the fact that the ingredients are simple and natural. For the rose essential oil I use it on my hair sometimes, it smells so good and therapeutic!
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