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Aloe Vera Gel + Argan Oil

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  • 13 reviews
  • Singapore
Skin Concern : Age Spot / Hyperpigmentation / Freckles, Ageing Mature, Dark Eye Circle, Dull Skin, Eye Bag, Fine Line & Wrinkle, Pigmentation, Puffy Eye, Scars / Marks
Skin Type : Dry, Sensitive

Combine both to get even better effects!

5 / 5  
4 weeks ago
1. Aloe vera gel I believe many of us know that Aloe vera helps to relive minor burns & cuts, abrasions, ulcers, mouth ulcers, bruises & etc. But did you know? It can be used as a hair conditioner and non-greasy moisturiser too! So that’s why I tested it on my hair! I bun my hair up most of the times, it’s either messy or frizzy. Tried it out with just a teeny lil bit, and my hair already looks so much neater! 2. Argan oil This argan oil is also non-greasy and absorbs without leaving a residue. Again, we often hear argan oil being used for hair conditions, but did you know it can also strengthen nails and moisturise skin? I tried it on my dry lips. It’s wondrous. Perhaps I may start using it daily! Pretty sure husband approved it. But sorry not for you guys to see ah. And if you asked if I would recommend Acuralle? It’s a definite Y E S.
  • Song, Kristen
  • 4 reviews
Skin Concern : Clogged Skin, Clogged Skin with Scars/Marks
Skin Type : Oily

The Best Duo Skincare so far !

4 / 5  
3 days ago
What I like about of this argan oil is leave a sheer shine which make my skin look dewy and moisturised ( instead of greasy ) ! Tried it on my dry-split hair, its nourished instantly and get rid of my frizzy looking hair, just amazing ! Not helping in removing my maskne, but the aloe vera gel helps to heal my dry spot where it reduced the itchiness and red spot after within just hours of applying ! Bit pricey but definitely can consider one of my best value buy !
  • C, Camilia
  • 2 reviews
  • Singapore
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Moisturised My Hair and Soften My Skin Instantly !

5 / 5  
11 hours ago
The aloe vera oil is more effective and better than the other expensive and branded healing gel I've purchased in the past. I applied it on my blemishes skin and it instantly soothed and soften the affected area ! For the argan oil, it put it on my dry hair and it's the best as it is so easy to penetrate and better than most leave-in. Sometime I slept with it on overnight , which seal the moist and soften my skin when i woke up in the morning. They are just great for daily use !
  • Qamarisha, Jasmin
  • 2 reviews
  • Malaysia
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Perfect for sensitive skin!

5 / 5  
8 hours ago
My skin can be so sensitive and irritating due to the hot weather. After applying the aloe vera gel, it calms my skin and also reduces the redness instantly! The results blew my mind and I am glad I get my hands on these amazing products! Will definitely purchase them once the current ones are finished.
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