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Hydro-Glow Serum

Real reviews from TTL members

  • CH, Kay
  • 7 reviews
  • Singapore
Skin Concern : Clogged Skin, Dark Eye Circle, Large Pores, Rough
Skin Type : Oily

Improve my skin condition

5 / 5  
2 months ago
I have been using this for almost 2 month now and I really like this product. This is a great serum for anytime as it does't have the sticky texture which make your skin feel uncomfortable. I only need 2 drop for my whole face and it absorb to your skin without leaving residue, thus it kind of feel great once you apply. My skin definitely looked more clarify in the morning especially after a night nourishing. It also improve my skin tone.
  • Song, Kristen
  • 4 reviews
Skin Concern : Clogged Skin, Clogged Skin with Scars/Marks
Skin Type : Oily

A geat night serum !

5 / 5  
3 months ago
This is a great night serum for me as it mix well with my night moisturiser. Leaves my skin soft and a more radiant complexion on the next day. I have sensitive skin but this serum doesn't irritate my skin at all but helps to calm my redness and itchiness gradually . Very light scent with super light texture which absorb to your skin easily without any residue.
  • 13 reviews
  • Singapore
Skin Concern : Age Spot / Hyperpigmentation / Freckles, Ageing Mature, Dark Eye Circle, Dull Skin, Eye Bag, Fine Line & Wrinkle, Pigmentation, Puffy Eye, Scars / Marks
Skin Type : Dry, Sensitive

Effective on me will consider buying it

5 / 5  
2 months ago
Did some read up and found that that Mia Jane’s formula was developed with the combinations of technology, and research teams from 3 different countries - Malaysia, Japan and the United States. I love stylish packaging and it smells good. Btw, it’s a compliment from my kid. She was really excited with my beauty parcels as you can see. You don’t really feel a change with just 1-2 applications though, but I do think it helps to moisturise and hydrate our skin after a whole week of applications. As I’m pretty fair with not much visible skin issues, it’s hard to judge if it helps in other areas. However, I do feel brighter after a week. Since it’s effective on me, I would definitely consider to buy this in the near future.
  • C, Camilia
  • 2 reviews
  • Singapore
Skin Concern :
Skin Type :

Loved it ! It made a tangible difference to my skin.

5 / 5  
2 months ago
Using it for more than a month now. It's got a nice light texture with little to no scent which make it non-sticky and comfortable on the skin whenever you apply it. I used it before I got o bed as I love how it make my skin look moisturised, more radiant complexion when I wake up in the morning.
  • Chuen, Lik
  • 8 reviews
  • Singapore
Skin Concern : Dull Skin
Skin Type : Combination

Great improvement within short period of time !

5 / 5  
2 months ago
I used to feel all the bump on my chin area when I cleanse my face, but 2 weeks after I used this serum these annoying bumps has gone ! I have tried so many serum and they were either too sticky, too greasy, or cause white heads / bumps after while. This serum is so light that it sinks into my skin within minutes ! I can use it both day and night to prevent the dryness on my skin and my skin definitely look more glowing now !
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