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“Tweakments” — Or, What You Can Do Now So You Don’t Need a Facelift in the Future

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Taking care of your skin is like taking care of your car. It’s better to get a regular tune-up and do quick repairs than to wait for it to completely break down.

These simple non-surgical treatments are like regular tune-ups for your skin. They’re called tweakments because they make small changes that can freshen up or brighten your complexion, or make your skin look smoother and firmer.

If you do these regularly, you prevent sagging and deep wrinkles that are much harder and more expensive to treat!

hydra facial singapore

If you have dull, rough skin…

Try a Hydra Facial. You can have one done during your lunch break, and you’ll go back to work with a beautiful glow! In less than 40 minutes, it clears your pores and gives a mega-dose of hydration. It’s also much less painful than a traditional deep-cleaning.

“I use to get teary-eyed whenever I had my blackheads and whiteheads extracted. But I actually fall asleep during a Hydrafacial! I have it done every two months and I have less breakouts and my skin looks really healthy,” says Maureen.

lip treatment Singapore

If you have small or thin lips…

Get a Perk Treatment. Yes, you can have plumper lips without getting lip fillers! Using the same technology behind Hydrafacial, the wand suctions your lips and then soaks them in a plumping solution. This takes just minutes and you can even have it done after a skin facial.

Unfortunately, Perk’s lip-boosting effect only lasts a few days, but it’s a great tweakment to get before a special event. You can also use it to road-test what you’ll look like with bigger lips, before signing up for lip fillers.

rosacea singapore

If you have redness or rosacea…

Is your skin red and peeling? Does it itch or sting when you apply skincare products? Does your skin get red if you eat something spicy or go through stress? Maybe you don’t just have sensitive skin; maybe you have rosacea.

Rosacea is a skin condition that’s often misdiagnosed as eczema or skin sensitivity. That’s why it’s better to have any persistent redness or stinging checked out by a Singapore dermatologist or aesthetic clinic.

Your doctor can prescribe creams or non-invasive treatments that can lessen redness and inflammation. One example: IPL (or Intense Pulsed Light) treatments. The energy waves constrict red blood vessels — after just one session, you’ll see an improvement!

acne treatments singapore

If you have adult acne…

Acne (and acne marks) are a real pain, but don’t worry: there are so many treatments that can tame your breakouts and even prevent them.

Dermatologists and aesthetic clinics can give prescription-strength acne creams. IF that doesn’t work, they can recommend a non-invasive treatment (or a combination of them) for your particular case.

For example, they can kill acne-causing bacteria with blue light therapy, and treat inflammation with IPL.

They can also treat deep acne scars with micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels, and lasers. If you have ice pick scars (small indentations), they may recommendn fillers or microneedling to make your skin look smoother.

dark circles treatment Singapore

If you have dark circles…

There are many possible reasons for dark circles, and 99% of the time it has nothing to with sleep. Sometimes it’s caused by bone structure that creates hollows or shadows under your eyes. It can also be aggravated by sinuses or allergies, hyperpigmentation, or collagen loss.

Once your doctor pinpoints the cause of your dark circles, he can prescribe the right treatment for them — e.g., fillers, lasers, prescription skin-lightening creams, facials. In some cases, you may need a combination of treatments.

The good news is that these clinical treatments don’t just get of dark circles, but often rejuvenate and refresh the entire eye area. You will look younger and more well-rested!

If you have sun-damaged skin…

Sun and environamental exposure causes 90% of premature ageing. So if you’re not using a sunscreen yet, start now!

But if you’re already starting to see the effects of sun damage — dry, rough texture and uneven skin tone — a laser treatment can help bring back the youthful, healthy glow.

“Fractionated resurfacing lasers like Fraxel can improve tone and texture,” explains Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research at the Mt. Sinai Department of Dermatology.

Other possible treatments are chemical or diamond peels, facials, and prescription-strength creams. These exfoliate the skin surface and speed up the growth of new ell generation. However, the new baby skin will be even more vulnerable to sun damage — so, again, WEAR SUNSCREEN.

double chin treatments singapore

If you have a double chin…

Unfortunately, all the hours in the gym won’t get rid of a double chin or any excess fat cells in your face. However, Coolsculpting will.

Coolsculpting freezes fat cells until they die, and then get naturally flushed out by your body as toxins or waste. While this non-invasive treatment is typically used for burning body fat, the machine does have a special tool that can be used on the chin and jowls.

Aside from Coolsculpting, other clinics offer HIFU (or high-intensity focused ultrasound) and other V-shape facials.

firming treatment Singapore

If your forehead’s starting to show lines…

You don’t have wrinkles yet, but you may notice lines appear when you have certain facial expressions: frowning, smiling, looking surprised. These typically appear on the forehead and eyes first.

Botox is the most famous way of getting rid of those “dynamic wrinkles” — and don’t worry, in the hands of a skilled and experienced Singapore aesthetic surgeon, your face won’t look fake or expressionless.

But if you’re not ready for Botox, Ultherapy can help tone the skin around the eyes and forehead. This uses ultrasound waves that stimulate collagen production. So instead of freezing muscles, it rebuilds your skin.

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