TwoHerbs was born through the love of a devoted husband to his wife. The lesser-known, less glamorous aspects of parenthood can have an impact on new mothers’ self-esteem. Furthermore, if their spouses do not provide adequate support before, during, and after the pregnancy, coping with this circumstance may be difficult. Pamela, a new mother, was fortunate to have her devoted husband Riff Lim’s support from the beginning. He even went above and above to create a special herbal hair treatment paste for his wife to use in treating her postpartum hair loss.

Riff made the decision to share his formula with others going through similar issues after seeing the remarkable results it produced for his wife. TwoHerbs, a hair care facility that invented this special combination of Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal hair treatment, was thus born.

This heartwarming story drew us to interview Riff Lim, the founder of TwoHerbs and discover all about his journey, knowledge about hair care, and his thoughts about the future of the hair care industry.

Interview With Riff Lim, Founder of TwoHerbs Singapore

Tell us about yourself.
I go to the gym 3 times a week after dropping off my kids at school. Ideas come to me when I am focusing and training in the gym, this is also my ‘me time’ without the kids where I get to catch up with my gym friends.
Other than that, I also make my rounds at each TwoHerbs outlet on a weekly basis to meet up with the manager and discuss with them any issues that might arise from daily operations and and customer issues

How did you start TwoHerbs, what was the inspiration that began your journey?
I started TwoHerbs because of my wife. My wife was feeling depressed after childbirth as the hair loss was in chunks and chunks of hair. She tried a lot of treatments but it did not work and helped her. She started having depression and that is when I decided to start experimenting with a new formulation to help her hair loss.

We come from a background of family doing herbal treatment too, which focuses on Chinese herbs that are commonly found and similar to other competitors. We realized we needed to be different in the formulation for better results and started experimenting adding ayurvedic herbs and trying on my wife, and eventually to customers and realized the formula works better than before.
My wife encouraged me to set up an outlet to help more customers who are having hair loss and not observing results with the current treatment option available outside.

What was your goal when you began TwoHerbs, how do your current goals compare to that now?

To provide an affordable treatment for everyone with hair loss issues. To date, this hasn’t changed and I would say that we are still the most affordable hair care center out there.

Have you always been interested in hair care? What sparked your interest?
My interest started when my dad enticed me to learn hairdressing with the reward of getting a car, which I always wanted. I completed the course after break from Polytechnic and right before enlisting for National Service and got the car as he promised.

What would you say is the most important thing when it comes to maintaining healthy hair?
Wash your hair daily at night. Some customers prefer to wash alternate days as they are tired from work or get him late at times skipping hair wash as the hair takes a long time to blow dry. This is not recommended as it will clog the pores causing hair loss.
We recommend washing at night after a long day out because of the dirt and oil accumulating on the scalp. You would want the pores to be able to breathe at night when you sleep rather than the oil and dirt clogging the pores.

How would you say the hot and humid weather in Singapore impacts our hair? What tips would you recommend for us Singaporeans in maintaining healthy hair and scalp?
Avoid spicy food on hot days which cause more sweat and eventually clogging the pores.
Apply hair tonic to protect the scalp from UV rays. A layer of protection prevents the scalp from the direct UV rays.

What are 3 most common misconceptions about hair care that you have heard during your career?
Misconception 1: Avoid washing your hair daily

Singapore weather is humid unlike European countries which is more dry and has four
seasons, thus washing of the hair is recommended daily to clean the dirt from the pores
Misconception 2: Losing 100 strands of hair is common

That is if you have a lot of hair and grow back in no time. If you have lesser and thin hair
to begin with, the hair will get lesser over time eventually leading to hair loss
Misconception 3: Hair loss will grow back in time

That is when you are young and stress free. As you age due to stress, weather and
hormone changes the hair won’t grow back like before and will grow back slower as well, eventually leading to hair loss if no action is taken.

As a hair care professional, what do you foresee as up and coming hair trends in SouthEast Asia?
More people are going for herbal treatment as there is more awareness towards chemical free treatments, just like organic food instead of processed food.

What are the most popular treatments at TwoHerbs, and why?

Hair loss treatment as we are the only one that uses cold cap treatment to stimulate the pores promoting hair growth which you can’t find in other places.

What sets TwoHerbs’ hair treatments apart from other treatments in the industry?

Two herbs is the only center with hair loss treatment that uses both Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs to provide nutrients to your scalp, having the benefit of both worlds. Ayurvedic herbs have a long history as one of the world’s oldest medical system and I found that it would be a good match to Chinese herbs which have a long history as well and decided to mix the two herbs together.
TwoHerbs’ hair loss treatment also includes the use of cold cap, a similar method used during chemotherapy to stimulate hair growth for cancer patients which has been proven to stimulate and aid hair growth.

Where do you foresee TwoHerbs heading in the near future?

We foresee more outlets in Singapore and overseas. We are getting a lot of enquiries locally and from overseas as more people are exposed to the brand, they are interested in introducing the brand to more people and helping them with their hair loss problem.
We are opening Singapore’s first TwoHerbs franchise outlet in Chinatown this November just opened in Jakarta, Indonesia this October. We are excited to have them onboard the TwoHerbs family helping more people with their hair loss issue.