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Ultimate Guide to Blush: Cheek Makeup Tips that Make a Huge Difference

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Are you still using that “smile and apply blush on the apples of the cheeks” thing? No, no, no. Use these cheek makeup tips to learn the modern (and honestly, more flattering) way to get that rosy glow.

1. Cheek makeup tips for each face shape

Heart shape

  • Features: prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin
  • What to do: Bring out your gorgeous bone structure! Apply blush in a C shape from your cheekbones to your temples. Blend it out, so the color is mostly on your cheeks and fades as it reaches your eyes.

Oblong shape

  • Features: similar to oval, but your face is longer
  • What to do: Create curves and soften your face shape. Apply blush at the center part of your cheeks and blend out towards the nose and towards the temples. Add some blush on your forehead and temples.

Square shape

  • Features: forehead, cheeks and jaw are about the same width
  • What to do: Define your cheeks by applying blush below the cheekbones. Apply blush along your hairline can also “soften” the edges of your face.


  • Features: curved jawline and full cheeks
  • What to do: The smiling trick actually works on your face shape! Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. Blend it upwards to the temple and then towards your earlobes.

2. The best way to fix too much blush

Don’t apply powder on top of it! Your blush will look dull and drab. Instead, just press tissue or a clean makeup sponge on the area to blot off the excess.

3. How to find the best blush for your skin tone

  • If you have fair skin: get light pink or lilac. Pick a cream formula, so the light colours still pop on your skin and don’t look too chalky.
  • If you have medium skin or yellow undertones: get warmer colours like apricot or peach.
  • If you have dark skin: get cranberry or bright apricot

4. How to make blush look more natural

  • Apply in sheer layers. Most cheek makeup is very pigmented. So you don’t apply too much and look like a clown, tap your brush or rub it against the side of your hand first. Apply, blend, and reapply only where and when you need it.
  • Blend out edges. Get the brush you used for your foundation. Don’t add more product — you just need whatever’s left on it. Sweep it just around the edges of where you applied your blush. Now, your foundation and blush look seamless.
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5. How to apply blush over a pimple

  • Hydrate your skin. It’s harder to conceal an area that is dry.
  • Get a concealer that has a creamy (not a liquid) formula. This will stick more and last longer.
  • Spot-conceal with a fine-pointed pencil brush. Apply just on the pimple. blending carefully into your foundation.
  • Apply a cream blush with a damp sponge. (Unlike swishing a brush, pressing a sponge won’t move all your careful concealer work.)
  • And this is the one of the most brilliant cheek makeup tips we’ve ever heard: if your pimple still shows through, take your pencil brush and mix a bit of your concealer with your cream blush. Apply it on your pimple.
  • If needed, bounce the damp sponge over your pimple again to blend everything together.

6. The best makeup brushes for cheek makeup

The kind of brush you use will change the way your blush or any cheek makeup looks.

  • Use an angled brush for definition. Most angled brushes have compact, densely packed bristles. They’ll deposit more product (so be sure to tap the brush first!) in a particular area. Use them if you’re contouring or if you want to place blush just along the cheekbones.
  • Use a big, fluffy brush for diffused, softer finish. These are great for blending or lighter and sheerer application.
  • Use a fan brush for highlights. These thin brushes are perfect for applying highlighter on your cheekbones and forehead, or dusting blush along your temples or forehead.

7. How to create more blush colours with the makeup you already have

  • Use pink or red lipstick on your cheeks.
  • Mix those lipsticks with any cream blush to create a different shade. (Just swipe them on your wrist and use a brush to mix and blend them together before applying on your cheeks.
  • Use shimmer eyeshadow as a cheek highlighter. Use a very fluffy eyeshadow brush and tap very well so you only pick up the tiniest amount.
  • Turn any cream lipstick into a pot of cream blush. Cut off a little from the tube, and put it on a metal spoon. Hold it a few inches above a candle to melt it. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil. Mix with a lip brush or a toothpick and pour into a small container.

8. Anti-ageing cheek makeup tips

  • Use cream blush. Older, mature skin can lose moisture. Cream blush adds colour, makes you look lit from within, and makes your cheeks look supple. Even if you have oily skin, only apply powder on your T-zone and leave your cheeks looking pink and luscious.
  • Pick brighter shades. Don”t be scared by how it looks in the pan! You can always sheer it down by using a fluffy brush. You need that pop of colour — it will make you look younger, and more vibrant. Just blend it well.
  • Apply it along the cheekbones. Older skin will sag, so you need to apply blush higher up. Use a smaller angled brush so you can control where you apply it, and blend with a fluffier brush.
  • Combine blush with contouring. Contouring can make your face look slimmer and more defined. So you don’t end up looking like a Kardashian, check our tips on the new way to contour.

9. How to make your blush last longer

  • Layer, layer, layer! Use a cream blush and apply a powder blush of a similar colour on top.
  • Use a primer. Primer makes all makeup — including blush — last longer.

10. Don’t just use cheek makeup on your cheeks.

Apply a light pink, peach or nude blush on your eyelids when you’re tired. It adds a bit of colour and helps make you look healthy. You can also use a bright blush on top of your lipstick. It can help create that trendy tonal lip.

11. Cheek makeup tips when you’re too busy/tired/lazy to do makeup

This is the easiest, fastest way to look polished even if you’ve just 2 or 3 minutes to put your face together.

  • Mix liquid foundation with your sunscreen and apply with your hands.
  • Apply lipstick. You can use the same lipstick on your cheeks and blend quickly, or use a cream blush.
  • If needed, apply concealer on your undereyes or any areas with redness. Blot and blend with a sponge or a clean makeup brush.
  • Apply powder on your t-zone.
  • Apply mascara.

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