Rescue Damaged Hair with Maris Salon's ultimate Hair Treatment

Say Goodbye to Damaged Hair: Rescue Your Hair with Maris Salon’s ultimate Hair Treatment

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Christmas is your time to “shine!” Even very damaged hair will become glossy, smooth and healthy after just one Kure treatment from Maris Salon. It’s the signature hair treatment from Tokyo’s #1 hair salon, and the secret to perfect holiday hair.

What is the Kure treatment?

Kure treats hair that’s been damaged from color and chemical treatments. It has micro-molecule collagen and minerals that moisturize and strengthen your hair and special proteins that make your hair soft and bouncy. At the same time, special silk proteins coat your hair cuticles and act like a shield while your hair heals.

How do I know if I need the Kure treatment?

Kure is perfect for color damaged hair. Consider getting it if:
• Your hair is dull
• Your hair feels dry and rough
• Your hair breaks easily
• You have split ends
• You are experiencing a lot of hair fall

What results can I expect from the Kure treatment?

The Kure treatment makes your hair soft, smooth, strong and healthy. It has a natural shine and smoothness so you can look great with minimal styling. Here are some amazing before-and-after photos — the difference is astounding.

Where can I get the Kure treatment?

This treatment is available at Maris Salon, the sister salon of Maris Omotesando in Tokyo. It is the favourite hair salon of Japanese celebrities: actress Kurosaki Reina, HKT48’s Anna Murashagi, AKB48’S Ayaka Kikuchi and Mio Tomonaga, D-Boys Yukito Nishii, violinist Erika Matsuo.

This holiday, treat your hair and yourself to this celebrity hair treatment! The Maris Singapore Salon is at 60 Tras Street #02-01/02, Singapore 078999. Call +65 6221-2855 or SMS +65 9773-5401 to book your appointment, or visit the salon.