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Ultimate Lip Fillers FAQ: Most Important Questions — Answered!

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Trying lip fillers for the first time? Here’s what you need to know about lip augmentation – from the results you can realistically expect, what happens during the procedure, and even how it works. So pucker up, ladies: this is the only lip fillers FAQ you really need.

1. What are the different kinds of lip fillers?

In general, there are two kinds of lip fillers: permanent and temporary. Permanent fillers are exactly how they sound – you’re stuck with them, whether you love them or hate them. They’re likely not the best option for someone who’s getting lip fillers for the first time (it’s kind of like marrying someone on the first date). If you do go for it, be sure to get a really experienced and trustworthy Singapore aesthetic doctor, and make sure you’re ready to commit to that kind of look.

Temporary lip fillers last several months – long enough for you to decide if you like it, and then work with your Singapore aesthetic doctor on getting the perfect amount of plumpness when you decide to have it done again.    

2. How do temporary lip fillers work?

They contain hyaluronic acid – yup, the same stuff in your skin serums. This awesome ingredient can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, which is why it’s great for both your moisturizers and facial fillers. The results tend to look more natural, and you know that it’s absolutely safe to use.  

What will I look like with fillers?

Lip fillers – like any aesthetic procedure – is a combination of science and skill. Always have aesthetic procedures done by qualified, experienced and reputable Singapore aesthetic doctors. Make sure they’re board-certified and have done a lot of this type of work.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or ask to look at pics of previous clients so you know what to expect. You have to feel 100% comfortable, and be just as happy with their skill as the rapport and trust you build in your first meeting. Don’t worry: the best Singapore aesthetic clinics pride themselves on their customer relations, and will go out of their way to make sure that you’re comfortable and happy with the results. (See our list of Singapore aesthetic clinics.)

3. What types of fillers will be used?

Your doctor will choose the best hyaluronic acid fillers to achieve the look you want. They come in different brands: Restylane, Juvederm, and more. These are clinically proven and FDA approved.

4. Can I have just one lip done?

Sure, whatever it takes to achieve the lip shape you want! This is where clarity and communication matter the most: show pics of what you want, discuss how it will look with the rest of your facial shape, and how much filler you need to get that look.  

5. Do I have the option to remove fillers?

Let’s say you got lip fillers, and you’re not too happy with the results. The good news is that temporary fillers will naturally break down over time, but if you want to get rid of them fast, your Singapore aesthetic doctor can inject an eraser enzyme called hyaluronidase to speed up the process. You’ll experience some swelling for a few days, but soon everything will go back to normal.

6. Are there any risks to getting lip fillers?

Many people consider lip fillers as “lunchtime procedures” – they’re that common, and generally thought of as routine. But any aesthetic procedure, even those that are non-invasive, will have some kind of risks depending on your health condition and personal history. Discuss these with your aesthetic doctor.  

7. How long before I see the results I want?

Swelling after any injection is normal, so your lips may look a bit distorted right after the treatment. Don’t panic! Give your lips time to adjust to the injectible fillers and settle down.

That said, if it’s your first time to get lip fillers, it’s best to go slow and get lower doses and build up to the shape you want. It’s easier to add fillers – or ask for a plumper and bigger shape at your next session – then to reduce volume.

Besides, for any aesthetic procedure, you want to keep the look as natural as possible. Your lip shape has to go with the rest of your face shape, and not be so overwhelming that people notice your lips and nothing else.

8. How long do lip fillers last?

About six months, but that can vary depending on your own body metabolism (some might dissolve faster or longer).

9. How do I prepare for my lip fillers?

Discuss this with your Singapore aesthetic doctor. But in general, stop taking blood thinners and painkillers, and be sure to tell your doctor about any multivitamins or natural supplements you’re taking. These are good for the body, but might interact with your injectibles – better to be safe than sorry.

10. What happens during lip fillers treatments?

Your Singapore aesthetic doctor is the best person to explain what will happen during your treatment. But in general, you can expect a numbing cream or mild painkiller. The entire session is pretty quick – you can do it in less than an hour, which is why it’s considered a lunchtime treatment – but the swelling may be hard to explain to your co-workers. Schedule this on your day off or on a weekend. It won’t intrude on your physical activity, but you won’t be Instagram-perfect.

11. Do lip fillers hurt?

There’s a slight prick and pressure, and a dull throbbing. It’s definitely a lot less painful than dental work, especially since you’re given numbing cream or painkillers.  Ice packs can help numb the area even more. Frankly, we’ve had body waxes that were more uncomfortable.

12. What are the side effects and downtime of lip fillers?

Expect some bruising, swelling and bleeding – not enough to make you look like a horror movie, but can be unsettling if this is the first treatment you’ve ever had. They do die down, many within the day, but if you’re the type who bruises easily it may take about 3 days to look 100% yourself. They do fade, especially with ice packs (some doctors can even do vascular laser to speed it up).  

So safe to say that you don’t have to take time off work but you shouldn’t do this the week of a big event.  

13. Do I need to avoid activities after lip fillers?

Discuss this with your Singapore aesthetic doctor, but generally, avoid gym or any physical activity that will increase blood flow to your face. Postpone that facial, and lay off the facial massager and Clarisonic for a week.

14. When can I start showing off my new lips?

Most swelling dies down after a day, but it will take about 3-5 days for your lip fillers to settle into their new shape.  

15. Will my lips have bumps or lumps?

Sometimes, especially if you have small lips and tried to add a lot of volume. This can be avoided by going to a very skilled Singapore aesthetic doctor who’s worked with similar cases, and can minimize lumps so they’re not seen and don’t feel weird.  

16. Can lip fillers move to other parts of my face?

This is called migration, and yes it is a risk if 1) you don’t go to an experienced aesthetic doctor, or 2) you don’t listen to your doctor’s list of precautions and stuff you should never do right after the procedure,

17. Can lip fillers have permanent benefits?

Temporary lip fillers will need follow-up sessions to maintain volume and shape, but there are incremental benefits. They can stimulate collagen production from the trauma from the needle, so your body can give a bit of natural oomph. If you’ve got naturally full lips that need just a little lift, this can be enough. But if you’re looking for big time drama, then you’ll need to go back for a follow up session after a few months.