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I used just Dr Ci Labo for 2 weeks – and this is what happened

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My daily skincare routine usually involves at least 8 products, including cleansers, toners, essences, serums, creams and masks. I’m 40 years old – my skin needs all the help it can get!

So when I was asked to use only Dr. Ci Labo Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich-Lift EX for 2 weeks, part of me was very scared. I was entrusting my aging skin to just one jar. “Oh well,” I thought, reading the label. It had collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts. Some of the most powerful, clinically-proven ingredients in the world. (Read this article to find out more.) Maybe it was just one jar, but it looked like it had everything my skin needed.

I tried it for 2 weeks. And here’s my skin cream review.

It’s one of the best creams to use under makeup

I have dry skin, so I need a hard-working moisturizer. I’ve used La Mer, Clinique’s Even Better Lotion, and Kiehl’s Ultra – all amazing products that rescue dehydrated skin, but they all need several minutes to really absorb.
Dr. Ci Labo Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich-Lift EX is very moisturizing but there is no greasy feel at all. Seconds after applying I can apply makeup. I even put on gel liner right after, and it doesn’t smudge at all!

For me that’s a good sign that the ingredients go into the skin instead of sitting on top of it. It’s also very convenient.  My entire skincare and makeup routine takes just minutes!

It has worked magic on the skin around my eyes

I don’t have deep lines yet, but I am getting some sagging and “crepiness” on my eyelids. I’ve noticed significant improvement in that area. Even my dark circles aren’t so prominent. Maybe it’s because of the collagen: since the skin is healthier, the bluishness doesn’t show through. Or maybe because I actually get an extra 30 minutes of sleep because of my one-jar beauty routine. Either way – I’ll take it!

Other women on the Beauty Insider Trial team have experienced similar results. Check out this video of Carol Tan.

It is awesome for facial massage

I usually use a sheet mask every week, but since this particular beauty challenge meant I couldn’t use any other product, I did a facial massage with Dr. Ci Labo Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich-Lift EX.

First I soaked a towel in hot water and then pressed it on my face for 5 minutes to open up my pores. Then I applied a generous handful of the product, massaging it on my cheeks in upward strokes, and my forehead in outward strokes. It was deeply moisturizing and relaxing, and I had a natural glow.

The verdict: include this in your beauty arsenal!

After two weeks of using just with Dr. Ci Labo Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich-Lift EX, I can say that YES you can definitely rely on this to keep your skin soft, smooth and supple. I will still use this as my day cream, and may even use just this when I am too busy and tired to do a full routine.

Should you supplement this with other products? It depends. I think if you have normal or oily skin, this is the only moisturizer you need. If you have dry skin like me, you may want to pair this with a richer cream for evenings.

It’s also a really good early anti-aging product. Don’t wait until you’re 40 to start boosting your collagen and elastin – sun exposure, high-glycemic diets (hello sugar and carbs!) and stress can age your skin really fast. Since it’s not a greasy cream, you won’t have to worry that it will trigger your acne or other pore issues. It’s even good for sensitive skin, as Beauty Insider Trial Team Yvonne Lian said in her skin cream review:

All in all, I’m quite impressed with Dr. Ci Labo Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich-Lift EX and would highly recommend it to everyone. Whether you rely on it as your only product, or include it in your extended routine, you can trust it to deliver. To read or leave other skin cream review, sign up for Beauty Insider.


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