It’s 2021—we’ve been bombarded with plot twists in every corner. And we survived them all. So, this one wouldn’t be any different, right? Brace yourself: Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer just dropped a major bomb and announced that they’re launching a skincare brand, Know Beauty; a skincare line rooted in DNA personalization. Very random, we know.

And here at Beauty Insider, we have the 411. 

The Backstory

Before we get into the product of it all, we’re sure there’s a little head scratching going on about how this partnership even came to be. But believe it or not, Madison and Vanessa have been like sisters for over 10 years. Vanessa’s younger sister, Stella, is “super close” to Madison Beer. And through Stella, Madison was introduced to the former Disney star who quickly turned from an idol to friend. The duo soon bonded over ‘’skin problems’’. 

“I remember meeting Vanessa when she drove up to my house to pick up Stella one afternoon. I felt a kind of instant connection to her […] growing up, of course, I was a huge fan. Because she’s a tiny bit older than me, with more experience, I really looked up to her.” Madison explained.

The Ideas

Now, a decade later, the two beauties discovered their shared passion for skin care line, “We knew we wanted to work together.” said Madison, “Vanessa and I have similar experiences in the skin-care world, […] we’re both in the industry looking to maintain good skin while being on camera all the time. The 22-year-old beauty didn’t deal with the typical pubescent skin problems growing up. Instead, Madison said her skin started to get worse four years ago.

Vanessa, 32, on the other hand, said her priority has changed ever since she hit 30. “Once I hit 30 and started seeing things on my skin that weren’t there in my 20s, I definitely wanted to prioritize skin care,” the Princess Switch star explained. “I wanted to know I am putting the right things on my skin that are going to save it for as long as possible.” 

KNOW BEAUTY’s Objectives

But they didn’t stand alone, though. The duo also brought in dermatologist Karen Kagha to be the brand’s chief medical officer, a role that is particularly important given that the first step to the Know Beauty routine isn’t a cleanser but a cheek swab. 

Focusing on each individual’s DNA, Know Beauty’s personalised skincare system works to provide the best formulation for each individual’s skin concerns. Looking at the 46 chromosomes of each person’s DNA, Kagha analyses the seven skin categories and figures out the areas of focus. Sounds interesting. As of now, Know Beauty is yet to be available to shop in stores. 

But you can check them out online at

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