Vaniday: The One App To Book All Our Beauty Needs? Sign Us Up!

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / September 10, 2018

Is it just us, or does booking beauty appointments appear to feel like more work than it theoretically should be? You dial a number, you endure music while on hold, and your odds of booking an appointment on your preferred agenda are next to zilch. Ain’t nobody got time for that — and, at this point, scheduling things over the phone, it’s not precisely the stuff relaxation is made of. But listen, we’re modern ladies. Just about every bothersome daily task in our lives has shifted towards high tech and convenience. So, we were thrilled to find out that one more aspect of our lives just got more efficient, courtesy of an app called Vaniday.  

This SG app is one of those splendid ideas that transform the way we schedule beauty appointments. Through the intuitively designed app, you can browse a curated group of beauty services. Need a manicure in an hour? Want a relaxing massage this afternoon? Just browse through the salons, confirm your time slot and your service is booked, confirmed, and waiting for you. Done and done.

One thing we’re not ashamed to admit here at Beauty Insider? We love us a good beauty app. We’re on our phones just about all day anyway; why shouldn’t we have beauty at our fingertips. We collaborated with Vaniday to book an appointment that fit into our hectic calendar with ease. Vaniday is all about making beauty and wellness accessible and convenient for the Singaporean woman.

Vaniday App

Between Vaniday’s convenience, intuitive interface and price comparisons (seriously, we have major access to several beauty salons before booking a slot), we think this might just be the app that solves our appointment woes. And, if you’re looking beyond just nails — this overachieving beauty app has other categories of beauty services under its roster: hair, nails, makeup, hair removal, aesthetics, massage, barbers for gentlemen and spa. Yes, this is what we call a game changer.

Experience at Bake Nails

Ladies, if you’re anything like us, maintaining your daily beauty load to accommodate your fabulously busy lifestyle can be a primary issue. Our solution? Vaniday. Our Beauty Editor did just that and spent the better half of her lunch hour getting a manicure done by Bake Nails & Beauty Boutique! Picture this: You, one beauty app, and a beauty appointment swiftly awaiting your arrival. Sounds simple enough? It is — and you are cordially invited to come along on this pampering journey with Beauty Insider and Vaniday.


Bake Nails & Beauty Boutique, though relatively new, has been known for its professional and beautiful results. Their salon boasts a relaxing, sophisticated interior and meticulous staff. Treated to a wide range of glittering colours, this hotspot employs a team of skilled artists for the bedazzled designs you never knew you needed. The nail artists there make sure every manicure is ready for their photo op!


It has quickly become a go-to boutique for those who love to get their nails done with precision and finesse. Their services include the basics like manicure and pedicure, and also serve up intricate nail art and pedi spa.


They try to cater to all ages and genders. They also have a waiting area for kids and cater to a pet-friendly environment! For the busy mums on-the-go, this nail salon has all your needs ready at the helm. Check out our beauty editor’s final look below!


Beauty Your Own Way

Beauty services are such a personal experience, and while that’s a generally positive vibe, that can also make it especially perverse to find what you truly want and what you need. The extra help we have on hand, the better. And, if said support comes in the form of a handy beauty app, well, that’s just a bonus we’d be glad to accept. With the help of Vaniday, women can easily fit time into their lifestyles and schedules to pamper themselves. Their philosophy? Beauty should be on your own terms, done your way, customised to suit your own lifestyle needs and personality. It’s time to embrace beauty — your own way.

So, ladies of Singapore: go check out the free app, and kiss your frustrating beauty bookings goodbye — your days of frantically trying to schedule an appointment around your itinerary, thankfully, now a thing of the past.

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Sinead Lee