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This Salon Uses Hair Care Products that Won’t Damage Your Precious Scalp

Our everyday styling, as well as the pollution, damage our tresses more than we know it. Even some salon treatments such as hair colouring and rebonding use strong chemicals which make your hair dry, frizzy, and weak! These damages are hard to reverse, especially when you don’t know the correct hair care products to use.


When you use the wrong products, you also worsen your scalp’s condition. Neglecting the scalp leads to clogged hair follicles and eventually, hair loss.


That’s when we discovered the Vintage Studio Hairdressing salon. They’re one of few salons in Singapore which offer scalp therapy that can halt or slow down the hair falling process.


This Salon Uses Hair Care Products that Won’t Damage Your Scalp


For them, hair care starts in the person’s scalp. Like our skin, it needs some tender love and care to stay healthy.  And that love comes from their in-house premium hair care products called Vitas PRO.


Products that wash the stress off your scalp

Vitas Pro is a brand of scalp and hair care products which aim to solve hair issues and give people the healthier and beautiful hair they’ve always wished for. It comes in various kits and each one is formulated with the finest natural ingredients and extracts that promote healthy hair regeneration. Our favourites are the revitalising range and the rebalancing range


Rebalancing Range

The products in this line contain a synergistic blend of amino acids, vitamins, proteins, enzymes, and essential oils that are beneficial to the hair and scalp.

Shampoo (SGD 15.90) and Conditioner (SGD 19.90)


Hair Tonic (SGD 29.90)

Revitalizing Range

The products in this line replenish moisture and restore resilience to the hair and scalp while providing colour protection.

Shampoo (SGD 30.00) and Conditioner (SGD 35.00)


Hair Tonic (SGD 48.00)


Leave-In Aqua Hair Treatment (SGD 38.00)
Leave-in Hydrating Treatment for Curly and Straight Hair (SGD 38.00)

The Scalp Treatment Experience


When Beauty Insider visited them recently, they proudly showed us how they do their scalp treatments. First, the client undergoes a Scalp Pre-Chemical Therapy (SGD32.10). Then, he or she will undergo the scalp treatment which suits his or her hair’s condition.


You can go for the Classic Scalp Therapy (SGD94.15), Advance Scalp Therapy (SGD115.55), Intense Scalp Therapy (SGD179.75), Herbal Scalp Therapy (SGD201.15), Frictional Scalp Therapy (SGD308.15), or the Clinical Scalp Therapy (SGD415.15).


A lot of first timers go with the Classic Scalp Therapy not because it’s the most affordable, but because it can end the most common hair problems. It is great for people with dry and lifeless hair. 


Book a Scalp Treatment in Vintage Studio and Experience the Vitas PRO Hair Care Products


The Vintage Studio Hairdressing salon takes pride in using Vitas PRO hair care products in their scalp treatments. It is best to try their salon treatments first so you can see the effects of the product on your crowning glory. If you liked it, you can purchase their home care kits from their online shop.


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