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Yes, Sheet Masks For Your Vulva Are A Thing And We’re Giving It The TLC It Deserves

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / September 12, 2018
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Sometimes, specific topics feel impossible to talk about. Picture this: going commando or braless, and yes, even discussing your sexuality. And normally, these subjects are fairly common to everyone. But they remain rather hush-hush thanks to their “reputations” — until now. Because it’s about time we had those candid conversations, and we’re shedding light on this sheet mask dedicated towards your vulva — loud and proud, and breaking down one taboo at a time.

Perhaps if the vagina had another name, it would be a less controversial and provocative topic. But that didn’t stop Cynthia Chua – self-professed “Queen of Vulva” – breaking new ground with a new brand that is devoted to taking care of a woman’s most intimate area, the vulva. Slyly named TWO L(I)PS, the blackout charcoal mask is designed especially for the skin around your — say it with us — vulva. It’s meant to detoxify, soothe up, brighten and hydrate effectively in a single product. But don’t just take our word for it; our beauty editor sheds light on her experience. Below, the kind of self-love you and your vagina deserve.


Whatever you choose to do (or don’t do) with your pubic area is between you and your maker. However, in the spirit of over-sharing, here’s what our beauty editor had to say.


“Needless to say, it started off with a hint of shyness and asking myself if I was really about to put a mask on down there. For the first few minutes, I was chilling in bed watching Netflix with nothing but a charcoal sheet mask on…my vagina. After a while, it felt oddly satisfying and I came to terms that my vulva justifies a weekly spa treatment just as much as my face does. It suggested like a strangely luxurious thing to do but I felt TWO L(I)PS gave my lady bits the TLC it deserved.”


These kinds of uncertainties are common, particularly since women’s sexuality is still so reserved.  But in the discussion of self-care, it’s high time we give ourselves the love we deserve. And when it comes down to loving ourselves, that means all of us — vulvas included. 


We’re bringing you how TWO L(I)PS help with the overall health and happiness of your vulva. Infused with a rich cocktail of organic botanical ingredients, this charcoal masks not only rejuvenates and brightens skin dulled by friction and chaffing, it also boosts lymphatic drainage and freshens the area through the use of activated charcoal. So, how do you use this mask?

As part of the #LoveYourVulvaMore Ritual, begin with washing and drying your vulva. Once you’re comfortable, place the blackout mask (lace side up) on. It is designed to fit the entire vulva area, which begins from the mon pubis — pelvic bone region, right down to the labia majora and inner thighs. Fold the flaps down onto your inner thighs and you’re good to go. Of course, the TLC doesn’t stop there. TWO L(I)PS has also curated a 15 minute Spotify playlist for the duration of your self-care ritual!

Even the simplest form of self-care for your vulva can manifest in numerous ways. This conscious act of sheet masking for your lady bits can go a long way. It’s time to be unapologetic and close the doors towards shunning the most emblematic part of a woman’s femininity. Say it with us: TWO L(I)PS on, taboo off.

Intrigued? Us, too. Until 30 September 2018, it retails for $110 for a box of 5 sheets and $25 for a single mask. From 1 October 2018, it retails for $120 and $28 respectively. The TWO LIPS Blackout Mask is available at Strip outlets and

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Sinead Lee