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Watch This: World’s most expensive Lip Art. Will you try on it?

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A famous Instagram makeup artist from Ukraine, Vlada Haggerty is known for her Lip Drip Creations. Vlada teamed up with Smashbox Cosmetics for her lip art creation. Each of her posts is getting more and more attractive. No wonder she has been Smashbox’s Lip Editor-In-Chief, she has been consulted for the brand’s newest lip innovations. Her role includes formulating new colors and using existing products to create new lip looks. 

Lips has been a big part of this famous Social Media Influencer’s art. She was born in Ukraine but at the age of 32, she moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her makeup passion. While currently waiting for work as a freelancer, she made use of the extra time experimenting lip arts. She says the lip art was therapeutic to her at a time when she was trying to make ends meet as a freelance hair and makeup artist with her husband, a musician.

Slowly after noticing her skyrocketing likes and followers, here, makeup career was born. Her whimsically created lip art arguably boost her fame as a beauty influencer.

Another reason that makes her art premium is when she started having bejeweled. As she teamed up with Zoe Chicco, the makeup artist came up with the world’s most expensive lip art. Her work has been published around the globe including Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue China.

Valued at $26,500 according to Guinness Book of World Records, the recent collaboration between Haggerty and the cosmetics brand with 6.5 carats of jewel designer Zoë Chicco’s diamonds on a model’s lips is now considered as the world’s most valuable lip art. Check out her Instagram account to see these eye-drooling lips that get all the likes.

Created in just an hour, the living masterpiece was done for the launch of Smashbox’s Be Legendary Liquid Metals and the Be Legendary Liquid Pigments.

Inspired by the range of the art in every shot, Smashbox further developed a glossy liquid pigment that glides on in just one coat priced at $24 for every shade.

Recent issues arise as one of the biggest names in the beauty industry, Kylie Jenner was threatened to be sued by the famous makeup artist copying and stealing her the lip dripping image as an inspiration without any credit.

Jenner also came under fire with Haggerty’s followers as they were quick to point out the similarities between Jenner’s holiday collection to Haggerty’s image in which the model gold-dipped nails are covering the face while leaving the bold red stained pout on a show. The reality star, later on, gives credit and shoutout on her social media account thereafter.

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