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Weight Loss Treatments with Visible Results!

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There are many reasons someone would want to look their best. For those out there struggling with diets or slimming treatments that do not seem to work, Beauty Insider recommends these top weight loss treatments.

I-BEAUTY MEDISPA – Metabolic Wellness Program

I-BEAUTY MEDISPA - ZZT Meridian Therapy
I-BEAUTY MEDISPA – Metabolite Wellness Program

With more than 30 years of experience, I-Beauty Medispa has developed the one weight loss treatment for your all your weightless needs. The Metabolite Wellness Program serves to stimulate your metabolic points to increase metabolism. Much of weight gain can be traced back to poor metabolism. This treatment begins with a massage that targets energy and unblocks the 106 metabolic meridian points. This painless treatment is fast and includes cupping. Cupping helps to regulate heat waves throughout the body and kick start the fat burning process for the next 24 hours! 

The results of The Metabolite Wellness Program is removal of waste and toxins. This simple yet effective weightless program allows you sustain weight loss by losing fat, not water weight. This unconventional program has seen satisfied customers and tried and tested results. Keep off the weight with I-Beauty Medispa with a guaranteed 5kg weight loss in just 8-15 sessions.

Price: $95

Address: 302 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-1850, Singapore 560302

Book an appointment with I-Beauty Medispa and experience this treatment for yourself

QUEEN’S MARKET – Royal Herb Detox Body

QUEEN'S MARKET - Royal Herb Detox Body
QUEEN’S MARKET – Royal Herb Detox Body

If you are looking to detoxify your body of impurities, you can try the Royal Herb Detox Body by Queen’s Market. Suitable for all ages, this treatment can do a lot more than reducing cellulite in the body. Queen’s Market combines the world’s highest quality standard of herbs and minerals , with bandage techniques by internationally certified therapists from Japan. The result is a more beautiful skin free of toxins!

Firstly, a trained professional begins with a consultation to explain the steps that are to follow. Secondly, a herbal detox with a towel wrap is used. Afterwards, depending on the treatment you opt for, a face wrap will also be part of the package. Lastly, experience a full body herbal soak. This makes it one of the most recommended healthy weight loss treatments available. At the end of this detox treatment, you can enjoy lighter, clearer, and smoother skin!

Price: Full Body $500 (First Trial $250) Half Body $366 (First Trial $250)

Address: 81B Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088502

Book an appointment at Queen’s Market here and walk away detoxed and ready for the weekend!

FACIA GINZA – Signature Small Face Care

FACIA GINZA - Signature Small Face Care
FACIA GINZA – Signature Small Face Care

Small Face has been an ongoing beauty trend in Korea and Japan, and now you can experience it for yourself at Facia Ginza’s Signature Small Face Care! This treatment is non-invasive and requires no surgery.

The Signature Small Face Care begins with a consultation with a trained therapist. The therapist will analyse your face and highlight the areas that will be focused on the most. Next, the therapist will begin the décolleté massage, and stimulate the bones through muscle. This promotes blood circulation and also discharges waste substances from the skin. Feel your shoulders and neck loosen and get more relaxed with the process. At the end of the massage, you will attain a more natural v-shaped face, and feel more relaxed in your shoulders.

Experience the best of small face treatments at Facia Ginza here.