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What to Do Before Dyeing Hair To Prevent Scalp Irritation

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Does your scalp get itchy (or get this burning, prickly sensation) every time you colour your hair? You may have a sensitive scalp that’s easily irritated by hair dye. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up hair dyes, or endure the pain each time you switch your shade. Here’s how to prevent scalp irritation during colour treatments.

Don’t wash your hair 1 to 2 days before colouring hair

Shampoo can strip your hair of natural oils, which can protect it (and your scalp) from irritation. Anyway, the salon will probably give your hair a quick rinse before a treatment.

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Tell your stylist about your scalp sensitivity

Don’t just bear it in silence. Tell your stylist beforehand about the reactions you usually get during your colour treatments. He can customize your colour job so your scalp isn’t as exposed to ammonia and other irritating chemicals.

Add Sweet N’Low to your hair colour

If you’re dying your hair at home, add a sachet of this sugar substitute to your hair dye. “Cream of tartar, aka potassium bitartrate, is one of the ingredients in Sweet’N Low. It has a low pH buffer, while saccharin also has an acidic pH. Because of these properties, it is believed that the addition of artificial sweeteners helps neutralize some of the ammonia,” says cosmetic chemist Kelly Dobos.

Ask for a skin patch test

If you tend to experience a lot of discomfort during your hair colour treatments — both during the session and for several hours after — then you may be allergic to some of the ingredients. Ask for a skin patch test before any treatment. Then you’ll know which compounds and brands you’re most sensitive to.

Go to an organic Singapore hair salon

Some Singapore hair salons use natural and organic hair dyes that are less likely to trigger scalp irritation.

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 Hair Identity

The salon only uses certified organic hair dyes like Naturalique. But don’t worry, you can still get the shade you want! Naturalique has 73 shades (including trendy pastels) and even its bleach is ammonia-free. You can also get after-dye treatments that will soothe your scalp and help prevent hair loss and itchiness.

They now have a promo for first-time customers: an organic hair colour + treatment is just $108.

Purity Organic Hair and Beauty

This popular organic Singapore salon uses gentle hair dyes made from botanical extracts. It’s free of ammonia and even has special hair tonics that restore your hair’s structure and strength. It’s so gentle they say that it’s safe enough for pregnant women. (But just in case, ask your oby-gynecologist before having any kind of salon treatment during pregnancy.)

  • Web: Visit their Facebook page
  • Phone: 6887-4542
  • Location: 9 Scotts Road # 03-03, Pacific Plaza , Singapore 228210


This hair salon uses only natural hair products, including the Australian organic hair dye O&M. The dye won’t irritate your scalp, and resists fading for longer-lasting colour. While prices vary depending on the shade you want and the length of your hair, colour treatments start at $108