What to Expect from a Rhinoplasty — from the People Who Got One

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Rhinoplasty (aka the nose job) is one of the most-requested plastic surgeries. Many Korean stars have admitted to getting their nose done, including Ji Chang Wook, Heechul of Super Junior, JooE of Momoland, Chaeyeon of DIA, and Yewon. They looked gorgeous even without the surgery, but that tiny change to the nose really enhanced their features.

nose job Ji Chang Wook
Korean heart throb Ji Chang Wook (from popular TV shows Healer and Suspicious Partner) before and after his rhinoplasty.

But a rhinoplasty (or any cosmetic surgery, for that matter) isn’t a shortcut to fame and fortune, and even if it’s common doesn’t mean that it’s an “easy fix.” It’s a major decision, because of the costs, downtime, and the fact that it’s irreversible. (Unless you’re willing to have reconstructive rhinoplasty, but that has its own risks too.)

So if you’re thinking of getting a nose job, this article can help you manage your expectations and decide if this is the right cosmetic procedure for you.

rhinoplasty healing

The first two weeks are nervewracking

After surgery, your new nose will be protected with a cast, and you’ll have no idea whatsoever what it looks like. “I was so nervous about the results,” says Jenny. She adds that her aesthetic surgeon was diligent about prepping her for the procedure and showing 3D renderings of her expected nose shape, but that didn’t completely remove her anxiety. “That’s when reality hit me: OMG, I really got nose surgery… Did I do the right thing, will it look okay? What will I do if it doesn’t look okay? I had to stop myself from Googling ‘bad nose jobs’ or ‘çelebrity nose jobs gone wrong.””

And when Jenny first saw her nose, she wanted to cry. “There was still bruising and swelling, which was normal for a procedure like this. But I was still shocked when I saw my face in the mirror.”

However, Jenny says that once the swelling subsided and her nose had “settled” she was extremely happy. “I was really scared, but getting a rhinoplasty was the biggest decision I ever made in my life, and I am glad I took the plunge!”

It’s not as painful as pictures tell you — but the discomfort is real

Many post-rhinoplasty pics show swollen nose and eyes, dried blood, bruised eyes. Frankly, it can look like you got beat up by a mob… twice.

Well the pics aren’t pretty, but trust us: rhinoplasty isn’t as painful as you probably imagine it to be. You won’t feel anything during the procedure because of the anesthesia, and your doctor will also give you painkillers too.

However, you will feel discomfort in the first week. “Have you ever had a cold so bad you thought your head might actually explode because your ears and nose were so plugged up you could barely hear/smell? Imagine that x 1,000,” says Eden.

Others reported headaches, and said that it felt weird to breathe through the mouth until the cast was removed a week later. “You definitely won’t feel 100% yourself, so just get a lot of rest and distract yourself.”

rhinoplasty results

It’ll take months for your nose to adjust

After about 10 to 15 days, the swelling and bruising subsides, and you can go out in public.

However, your nose isn’t completely healed yet — and it won’t look perfect yet, either. “The skin has to shrink to the new nose framework, which can take one year for the bridge and three years for the tip,” says plastic surgeon Deepak Raj Dugar.

People with thicker skin around the nose, which is fairly common of people with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean descent, may also take longer to heal.

On the bright side, that just means that your nose job will look better and more natural as time passes.

rhinoplasty singapore

You’ll be your nose’s biggest critic

If you get an experienced Singapore plastic surgeon, your new nose will look very natural and fit with your other facial features. Most people won’t even notice that you’ve had rhinoplasty, or if they do, they’ll probably think that your nose looks great.

However, you will scrutinize your nose from every angle, and imagine (or exaggerate) every isngle possible flaw. Even if it looks perfect, it’ll take time before your nose looks natural to you. “Honestly, it took months for me to not feel a little strange when I saw my face in the mirror,” says Cecil.

Rhinoplasty can fix your nose, but not deep confidence problems

Many women turn to rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgery because they want to “look beautiful.” In a way, nose jobs can boost your confidence — just like flattering hair cut or wearing makeup. And we’re all for anything that makes you feel good about yourself.

However, you also need to be very clear about why you want to do a rhinoplasty, who you are trying to impress, and how you think it will make your life better.

“My straighter nose gave me a new lease of life – a new-found confidence – and I was certain it’d land me a boyfriend, too. But I’ve realized that if a guy is going to ghost you, he’ll do so regardless of your looks or sparkling self-assurance,’ says Jacqueline.

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Where to get a Nose Job in Singapore

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